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    Possibility to prepare own geographical static data (NLCD 2019)

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to prepare the geographical static data by my own. The most recent nlcd data provided by WPS_GEOG is nlcd 2011. NLCD 2019 have been released and revised in 2021 (doi:10.5066/P9KZCM54). How are the geographical static data of WPS_GEOG is prepared and how...
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    could not open (or static file) though it really exists

    I try to follow the MPAS tutorial online but face with some problems for days, and hope someone can help me with it. The tutorial (including geog and met data) is downloaded from MPAS Tutorial — Practice Session Guide I have already run ./init_atmosphere_model with 40962 meshes, and...
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    Create static file with 15km resolution

    Hi all, I just face the same problem from this page(,but for 15km resolution. I should ask you on that public page, but I don't have enough permission to do that. When I create the static file...
  4. kalassak fields with erroneous values

    Hello! Some introduction: I have been trying to set up and run the MPAS-Atmosphere model (following the tutorial) and everything seemed like it was proceeding relatively well, until I ran atmosphere_model. It crashed without terminating, despite printing out a log.atmosphere.xxxx.err file with...
  5. martagilbardaji file contains nans for the terrain in some cells with fine grid-spacing

    Hello all, I am testing meshes that have a central region with spacings of around 1km, and my problem is that, for some of the cells in the central fine-resolution region, the terrain ('ter') value given by init_atmosphere when computing the file is NaN. However, the file is...
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    the source of the WPS geographical static data

    I'm working on Noah-MP LSM, so I need to prepare the static data with the help of WPS. But I wonder where are the geographical static data from. I download it from However, there is no document to introduce the data, like...