wrf compiling/installation

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    Possible namelist error? WRF stops in middle of run

    Using WRF-CHEM v4.4.2 and sometimes the 120 hour run works without a problem. Other times it stops mid run. I have attached the rsl files and namelist.input.
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    Confusing messages when compiling with OpenMP

    Hello, I've noticed that in some occasions (and I do not know yet when) I see messages from the compilation script regarding the no compilation of OpenMP despite using the appropriate OpenMP flags. The messages are of the kinds of: I am compiling (dm+sm) with the following OpenMP flags for...
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    module_firebrand_spotting_mpi.f90 does not exist or not accessible with intel compilers

    Been having issues using the intel compilers with WRF and WRF-Chem only within the last 24 hours. Not sure if intel changed something on their compilers or if the WRF packages had a change but the module_firebrand_spotting_mpi.f90 doesn't exist. I have attached the configure.wrf and...
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    Compiler option for OpenMP parallelization

    Hello, When a source program file A includes OpenMP directives, would it be difficult for all source program files that refer to objects in A to be compiled using OpenMP options? Specifically, if test1.f90 and test.f90 are compiled with OpenMP options because they include OpenMP directives, it...
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    WRF v4.4.2 fails to build on CentOS7 (SOLVED)

    I have tried following several tutorials online and I am not getting any success installing WRF v4.4.2, v4.0.0, or v3.9. All environment and compatibility tests pass with libraries. Libraries being used: zlib 1.2.13 hdf5 1.14.0 netcdf-c 4.9.0 netcdf-fortran 4.6.0 mpich 4.0.3 libpng 1.6.39...
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    Confused about how to install WRF

    I have been trying to install WRF and I keep on finding different methods to do so. 1. use github repo and look for folder WRF. 2. use .tar file and look for folder WRFV4.4.2 but the folder comes up with WRF I am confused which is the best way to install WRF. The tutorials online through...
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    Unable to install WRF

    Hello, I am trying to install WRF following the tutorials listed here WRF Modeling System Download I know I am untar the package correctly but the folder WRFV4.4.2 doesn't exist. Anyone else having this problem?
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    WRF idealized test case outputs with project RotatedLatLon, why?

    Hello! I've successfully set up WRF and have also run a couple of the test cases included in WRF4.4.1 (em_fire, em_quarter_ss). These runs are successful as well and output the standard `wrfout_d01_0001-01-01_00:00:00` type files. I then attempt to visualize these files (example, SLP) using...
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    Announcement: New All-In-One WRF Suite Self Install Scripts

    Hello and Good Day to the Weather Research Forecasting Modeling Community, Atmospheric Science Community, & Meteorological Organization Leaders, My name is Will Hatheway and I am a meteorologist in Texas, USA. I apologize if you see this email multiple times as I am sending it around the world...
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    Test #1: Fortran + C + NetCDF | errors occur but display correct content on screen

    Hi there, I just installed libraries and tried to test it, following instruction step by step. There were some errors after running each comment, but the screen displayed correctly, so can anyone help me to check if I install the libraries correctly please? If it's not correct, could you...
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    How to use precompiled WRF on Cheyenne

    Hi, I'm new to Cheyenne and WRF. I copied the precompiled WRF ( (/glade/u/home/wrfhelp/PRE_COMPILED_CODE) ) to my own directory (/glade/u/home/jiyaoz/WRF) but I found the namelist.wps and namelist,input are read-only files. I wonder how can I modify the namelist and run precompiled WRF in my...
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    WRF-Chem Testing

    Hello, I am a sys admin for my university's HPC and I have been tasked with installing WRF and WRF-Chem on our machine. Needless to say I am not familiar with using the software/model to do actual work, just the installation procedure. I have successfully compiled both and I have moved on to...
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    Failed in building libraries on MAC before building WRF

    Hi all, I have been installing WRF following the instructions in the tutorial. I passed System Environment Tests but I am now struggling in building libraries. I have searched on the Internet and have not found any solutions. I would really appreciate it if you could help. First, I met the...
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    Install: Netcdf and Netcdf-fortran on REHL - error: netcdf.h could not be found

    Hello There, I am trying to compile netcdf-c-4.7.2 and netcdf-fortran-4.5.2 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux v9.1 machine. I am running into this error ‘configure: error: netcdf.h could not be found. Please set CPPFLAGS.’ I configured netcdf-c-4.7.2 with the following command: ./configure...
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    Compilation error 31: Error Error Error NoahMP submodule files not populating WRF directories

    Hello, I am compiling WRF on the NERSC computer Cori. I have done this compilation before, and did not encounter this error. When I try to compile, I run into these errors: > /bin/sh: line 2: [: -eq: unary operator expected > Error Error Error NoahMP submodule files not populating WRF...
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    Instruction needed to install WRF v4.3.3 on Mac with M1-Max chip and version 13.0.1 Ventura

    Hi WRF Support team . We are team of more than 3 people having Mac. We need to have WRF on these. We tried to install WRF on these machines but unable and we have been struggling for more than two weeks. Although I posted thread on forum which, unfortunately , did not help. We have following...
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    Unable to install WRF v4.4.1 on MAC with M1-Max chip running Ventura 13.0

    Hi all I am wondering is there any instructions to configure/compile this model on Mac OS, because I have been struggling to install this for last two weeks and not succeeded. I configured it and generated the wrf config file but not able to compile. I have lot of errors related to modules...
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    Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [MODULE_WRF_TOP]

    Hi,everyone I found some errors when I tried to compile WRF. And the information is: master.f90(26): error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [MODULE_WRF_TOP] USE module_wrf_top, ONLY : wrf_init ----------^ master.f90(26): error #6580: Name in...
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    Problems building executables, look for errors in the build log

    Dear all,
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    Modifying the registry to output specific variables

    Dear community, I am using WRFv3.5.1 (for specific reasons). I'm trying to output terms like re_cloud and qc_diabatic, and for that I did some modifications to the Registry.EM_COMMON. After re-compiling, the variables are present in the wrfouts but however, the arrays only consist of zeros at...