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    WRF / WRFCHEM / WRF Hydro / Hurricane WRF Install Scripts for the Atmospheric Community

    Hello and Good Day to the Weather Research Forecasting Modeling Community, Atmospheric Science Community, & Meteorological Organization Leaders, My name is Will Hatheway and I am a meteorologist in Texas, USA. I apologize if you see this email multiple times as I am sending it around the world...
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    Error whileComplie em_real

    I use this command to compile em_real on WRF 4.4 ./compile em_real 2>&1 | tee compile_wrf.log I got this message not running the WRF-Chem KPP coupler end of compile_wkc ========================================================= Neither WRF_EM_CORE nor WRF_PLUS_CORE are explicitly...
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    Error Compile WRF

    I'm new here and new to program compilation. I wanted help to identify the error that is giving in my compilation. I'm following this tutorial: Compiling WRF. I saw that people post these two files, but I can't find the error, or what is causing the error. I'm using the latest version of debian.
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    Errors in compiling WRF-Chem V3.9.1

    Hi everyone, When I tried to compile WRF-Chem with the .bashrc setting of WRF_CHEM=1, WRF_EM_CORE=1, WRF_KPP=1, WRF_NMM_CORE=0, the following errors were recorded in the compile.log file. Also, some other fatal errors occurred. The compile.log file and .bashrc file are attached. Could...
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    Compile Error in WRFV4.4 moving nest option

    Describe the bug When I compile WRFV4.4, same error is repeated. module_comm_dm_4.G:30:0: fatal error: REGISTRY_COMM_DM_PERIOD_subs.inc: No such file or directory To Reproduce nohup ./compile em_real &>compile.log
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    PNETCDF with NETCDF4 enabled?

    I am trying to build WRF with pnetcdf with NETCDF4 enabled. There is a flag called --with-netcdf4 but I am uncertain if pnetcdf needs to be built before or after NETCDF-C & NETCDF-fortran?
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    Segmentation fault with tools/registry during compilation when new variables are added to Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON

    Hi WRF forum I am trying to compile WRF4.4 (with chemistry) with new variables added in Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON. But I get Segmentation fault from tools/registry during a compilation. New variables were already tested and used in WRF v3 without problem. Apparently the number of variables...
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    WRF v4.4 Compilation error: Can't find an intrinsic module named 'ieee_arithmetic'

    Hi all, I am trying to compile WRF v4.4 on my institute HPC but the compilation is failing to generate the executables. I am receiving the following warning during wrf compilation: ************************** W A R N I N G ************************************ There are some IEEE Fortran 2003...
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    Compiling Error When Setting Tracer Plume

    Hi, I met an error when I compile wrf with tracer plume. I modify several files, following [url=https://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users/tutorial/presentation_pdfs/202101/gill_registry.pdf]these slides[/url=https://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users/tutorial/presentation_pdfs/202101/gill_registry.pdf]...
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    WRF4.4 compilation failed on vortex following nesting

    I'm trying to build WRF 4.4 and have followed the instructions on https://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/OnLineTutorial/compilation_tutorial.php. All tests were good and the compilation worked well with basic nesting, bu terrors occured when I tried vortex following. Here are my configure and log files...
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    Error compiling WRF4.0 on ubuntu18.04

    I compiled WRF4.0 on ubuntu18.04 However, the following errors are reported f951: Fatal Error: Reading module ‘esmf_timemod’ at line 1633 column 3: Unexpected EOF compilation terminated. Makefile:56: recipe for target 'Meat.o' failed In fact, the same error will be reported when wrf3.8 I...
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    Missing references of netcdf-fortran ...

    Hello, on my Ubuntu I have all netcdf packages installed, nc-config confirms it has gfortran installed, but still missing references of netcdf-fortran origin. Maybe some wrong links generated by configure ? . . time mpif90 -w -ffree-form -ffree-line-length-none -fconvert=big-endian...
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    (RESOLVED) Problem Compiling WRFV4.0 on Fedora 28: landread error

    When I try to follow the instruction compiling the WRF on my Fedora 28 system, I had a problem compiling the WRF. The compliation process run, and run for about 20 minutes, but I just don't get the executables. I deleted everything and recompiled it once, and got the same error. I have attached...