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“Error: Data not found” error msg for GFS 1.0

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Hi everyone
I tested GFS 1.0 for 48 hour forecast, but ungrib.exe just work only for 00, 06, 12, 18, 24. When ungrib.exe riches to 30h data of GFS 1.0 the the following error shown:

ERROR: Data not found:

It should be noted that this problem just comes with GFS1.0 and 0.5 and 0.25 work finely.
Anyone can test and help me to solve this problem.

You need to download the GFS files that cover the entire period of your forecast. For example, suppose you initialize your forecast at 2017-02-01_00 UTC, you need the following GFS data for a 48-hour FCST:
Sorry as I am still learning WRF, but aside from more detailed simulations or running a forecast to compare with older forecasts for error (say replicating Hurricane Katrina and running the simulation to compare with initial forecast data), you can't run a simulation past a certain date? In other words if you want to initialize the model with the latest GFS run (let's say 2020-05-22-18:00), you can't produce a forecast that simulates ahead of the current date such as tomorrow at 18z?

Edit: I suppose you can use a GFS forecast or something for a time that is valid for a future date
That is not true. Forecast products of GFS can be used to drive WRF for real-time weather forecast.
For example, suppose GFS produces 5-dat forecast data from 0000 UTC 22 May, then you will be able to obtain GFS data for the next 5 days, e.g.,
gfs.0p25.2017052200.f024.grib => corresponding to 2017052300
Please type the command:
ncdump -v Times wrfbdy_d01,
and you will find how many times of boundary forcing you have. This will also tell whether your integration time period is beyond the period your boundary forcing data are available.