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A question about last fixed version on WRF and WRF-chem


Hello everyone

I have a question about the latest official version of WRF and WRF-chem.
As I know, I can download WRF from the below website:

But I found another website that contains other versions of WRF, which is not on the UCAR website. The below website:

Does anybody know why the UCAR website does not have, for example, the V4.3.1 version for WRF-chem?
And Another question is that when I use the upper version of WRF, do I have to use the upper version for other software, for example, WRF-chem, WPS, ARWpost, etc?

Thank you for your answer
The latest version of WRF is WRFv4.4.2. Please see the website:

More information of WRF-CHEM cn be found at WRF-Chem

Note that WRF and WPS may not be backward consistent, so it is recommended to use the same version of them, i..e, WPSv4.4 and WRFv4.4, or WPSv4.0 and WRFv4.0.