A ready-made machine image on AWS

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Aviv Ofir

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I previously tried to locally install WRF and failed. Is there any out-of-the-box ready WRF image on Amazon's AWS? Using an existing image will obviously not only make things a lot simpler - but also more reproducible.


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Yes, we do have pre-built versions of WRF on AWS. Take a look at this webpage, which has that information:
Hello Aviv,
Not sure if you are still interested in AWS AMIs but we have recently listed one for Intel and another for Graviton2 (arm) in the Marketplace. The latter is pending aproval but both contain the latest stable WRF version (4.2.2) ready to go.
The odyhpc team


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The Cloud WRF materials comprise of framework code and static input information. The upheld conditions are worked with GNU Fortran compilers, alongside pre-introduced required libraries and WRF pairs (counting WPS). See beneath for particulars on every stage.