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Abnormal data from UCAR downloading (RESOLVED)

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Hello everyone,
I am still confused with the simulation for 24 hours forecasting data downloaded from UCAR which always error at 14.2 steps, the curves shows me abnormal at this time as attached.
Is anyone who knows the reason? or I do not need to set up 24 hours running, 12 hours running will better than 24 hours running?




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It should be perfectly fine to run a 24-hour simulation. Can you provide a bit more information?
1) What version of WRF are you using?
2) What type of meteorological input data from UCAR are you using? And have you looked at the data to see if everything looks okay?
3) Do the other output variables seem off?
4) What method are you using to plot the wind power in the plot you provided?
5) Are you actually getting errors that stop the model simulation? If so, can you provide your output files so that we can take a look?
6) Can you also provide your namelist.input file?

Sorry, forgot to cancel this question.
It was my mistake on my own system. I made wrong formula during simulation.It should be OKay for data downloaded from UCAR.