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About COARE 3.5 in MYNN

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I am working on air-sea interactions and I want to test the different options in treating the air-sea fluxes. I am using MYNN surface scheme but I am not sure how I can use COARE 3.5.

Do I need to re-compile my WRF when I want to use COARE 3.5? Why can't I use it as a run-time option?

source code in phys/module_sf_mynn.F
78 REAL, PARAMETER :: COARE_OPT=3.0 ! 3.0 or 3.5
If you run with MYNN surface-layer scheme and want to use COARE 3.5, please set the following options:
(1) In namelist.input, set isftcflx = 0
(2) in phys/module_sf_mynn.F, set COARE_OPT - 3.5
Then you need to go to the top WRF directory and recompile the code. Note that you don't need to do ./clean -a because you won''t change Registry. You only need to type ./compile em_real and only the code phys/module_sf_mynn.F will be recompiled.