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About how to use 3D ocean data to initialize WRF-3DPWP


New member
I wonder how to use 3D ocean data for WRF-3DPWP.
Although the method to activate had been mentioned in the WRF user's guide, it didn't provide the details about how to input 3D ocean data (for example, satellite-observed SST and HYCOM subsurface reanalysis data) for WRF-3DPWP. The current version I am using is WRF4.3 (downloaded from Releases · wrf-model/WRF).
Fig1 Screenshot of Chapter5 in WRFV4.3 user's guide

I also wonder:
(1) how the module module_sf_3dpwp.F receives the variables we made for it, including om_tmp, om_s, om_u, and om_v?
(2) how to let 3DPWP to output some ocean variables at the same time(not only om_tmp and om_s in wrfout* file)?

Fig2 Screenshot of module_sf_3dpwp.F