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    Limitation in Road Width Parameter on the Urban Canopy Model

    I'm trying to run the WRF coupled to the Urban Canopy Model (Initially, with the SLUCM and later with the BEP and BEP+BEM) on the metropolitan region of São Paulo with LCZ, however the WRF stops without giving an error warning. # ZR: Roof level (building height) [ m ] (sf_urban_physics=1)...
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    Dependency of Coriolis force on stand_lon

    Hello, I have some confusion about the calculation of the momentum tendencies in WRF due to Coriolis forces. The equations show a dependency on sin(alpha) and cos(alpha) where alpha, if I understand correctly, is the grid point longitude measured from the user defined stand_lon. If this is...
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    sensible heat flux calculated by Noah-LSM coupled with BEP_BEM

    Dear all Recently, I read the code in module_sf_noahdrv.F and felt confused about the sensible heat flux calculated by Noah-LSM coupled with BEP_BEM. Firstly, according to the code from the Call urban part as follows, ALBEDO(I,J) =...
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    Hill2d - idealized case

    Hi, I am in need of help urgently. I am stuck at this point trying to modify the hill2d test case, my main goal is to have this test case contain some attributes of snow. that is to make the mountain snow, so far I haven't been able to achieve that since I don't know which Microphysics...
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    real error - Segmentation fault - Runs for One type for physics but not Another

    I have been trying to run ERA5 data (single levels and pressure levels) for the past 2 weeks, but unsuccessful in real.exe for one physics suite but not for another. Idont understand where i am wrong. The error i encounter is as follows: taskid: 0 hostname: login06.hpc.narl.gov.in...
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    Distribution of Local Climate Zone Map

    Dear Colleagues, After interpolating the geographical static data generated by WUDAPT, namely the Local Climate Zone map of a city, it divides the urban areas into 17 classifications, how the WRF handles the map that has different fractions for the 17 zones (please note that the map has a...
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    Drifting temperature 2m

    Dear all I am running WRF4.3.2 (and also WRF4.4) using WUDAPT's local climate zones (LCZ) and detailed land use classification generated using W2W application. I am modeling a large metro area evaluating model performance for wind speed and temperature near surface (U10, V10, T2 variables). I...
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    Crash in surface energy budget

    Hi guys, I have a question on surface layer parameter. When temperature get higher (around 30°C) then the model stops because of crash in surface energy budget. We already tried to solve the problem with the timestep but the problem still occurs. We are currently using surface-layer option =...
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    Tables in WRF/test/em_real

    I am trying to understand how the tables in WRF are used (The tables located in em_real, such as LANDUSE.TBL and URBPARM.TBL). Under what circumstances does WRF use these tables (what settings need to be turned on)? Where in the flow of WRF are the tables used? Is there documentation for the use...
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    Modelling over complex terrain at high altitude

    I want to set up a model over a complex terrain at high altitude (between 3000m and 5000m). The main problem here is that sometimes the surface wind field is forced by the model to make a wind direction daily cycle, instead of one steady direction (mainly from the north). So, I most of the time...
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    questions about module_first_rk_step_part1.F

    Dear WRF community, Thanks for your attention! 1) I am confused about the QV=moist(ims,kms,jms,P_QV) in the CALL radiation_driver in module_first_rk_step_part1.F . moist(ims,kms,jms,P_QV) is one number, while QV in module_radiation_driver.F is an array with DIMENSION( ims:ime, kms:kme...
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    ACM2 scheme error

    I use pxlsm and can successfully run the ACM2 scheme with three levels of nesting (36.12.04km). But when I run 12km and 04km separately, I got this error (The input and bdy from nesting) . 36km can run successfully. Model crashed immediately FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 415...
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    Error in TWOSTREAM subroutine (module_sf_noahmplsm.F)

    Hi everyone, I am running WRF4.2.2 at urban scale (1km) after having successfully completed the simulations for the parent domains D01 and D02 (15km and 5km). Unfortunately, in one of my urban domain I get a segmentation fault after 6 hours from the beginning of the simulation. Playing with...
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    Thomson aerosol aware mp=28 and real data for aerosols

    Hello, It is not clear to me what kind of files I need to process into metgrid for real time aerosol (GEOS-5 product) into WRF with mp = 28. Suppose that I want to run a forecast starting at 00Z for the 26th of June and a forecast length equal to 168 h. I suspect that the aerosol file is...
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    WRF v4.0 BEM conflicts with isfflx=1

    Dear Community,WRF v4.0, BEM conflicts with isfflx=1,Namelist see attachment .Thanks very much!
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    About the modification of roughness length and zero-plane displacement

    Dear WRF community, Recently, our team is trying to modify the roughness length and zero plane displacement in WRF codes (version 4.0). When we grep "roughness length" and "zero plane displacement" in "/phy *.F", it is found that various ".F" files contain "roughness length", including...
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    What is the purpose of look-up tables in surface layer parameterization?

    Hi all I am working on the surface layer parameterization schemes in the WRF model. The revised MM5 surface layer scheme uses look-up tables to calculate the values of stability functions for momentum and heat. Is it necessary to use lookup tables? Could we directly call the functions defined...
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    About LANDUSE.TBL use of summer/Winter data

    The LANDUSE.TBL file has summer and winter parameters, how does WRF knows when use summer or winter? the months are set by default or can be modified in other file? and if it's used in the southern hemisphere, is it ok to use the same file or has to be adapted?
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    Use of option o3input=0

    Hi all, I am working on the effect of short lived climate forcers (SLCFs) to the radiation and energy balance, on simulation with semi-hemisferic domain over the Arctic. I have tried to use the ozone calculated from WRF in the RRTMG radiation scheme, instead to use the default value from a...
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    WRF windfarm

    Hello everyone, I have encountered a problem, that is, I have set windfarm_opt in WRF to turn on the wind farm, but it has not been able to work since I succeeded once. I changed the location and still failed, and then I adjusted the physical parameterization. Scheme, I want to ask if anyone...