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wrf physics

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    There was a problem when I used afwa_icing_opt in AFWA for WRF4.5

    Hello, I am using the AFWA module in WRF4.5(Thompson MP(8))to simulate icing. When I modified the registry. afwa and open afwa_icing_opt, the corresponding variable output all 0 in WRFOUT(ICING_SM and ICING_LG). When I turn on AFWA, I get the Radar variable. And in...
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    Hello experts, I ran two simulations with sf_urban_physics = 0 and sf_urban_physics = 1 (SLUCM), I coupled both with Noah LSM, Please I will like to know how Noah calculates the skin surface temperature for both. I took a look at the module_sf_noahlsm.F code but i do not have clarity on it, I...
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    WRF model crashed with SBM fast Microphysics with Tiedtke Cumulus physics Scheme

    Hi Admin, I am trying to run the model with SBM fast microphysics and the Tiedtke Cumulus physics Scheme I encountered the model crash. I tried changing and reducing the time_step but that doesn't seem to work in this case. I am attaching my new namelist file and the latest rsl error files...
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    WRF CHEM 4.4.2 -- Simulation stops when using Single Layer Urban Canopy Model (forrtl: severe: SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred)

    Dear community, I have been trying to run WRF CHEM simulation using the single layer UCM (sf_urban_physics = 1), like the title says. However, no matter what I try the simulation stops after some period of time. I have conducted successful simulations using no urban (sf_urban_physics = 0) or...
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    Missing FRC_URB2D values over Cyprus using cglc-modis-lcz_100m dataset

    Dear WRF Expert, I'm running the model over Cyprus using three one-way nested domains at 12, 3, and 1 km, respectively. I'm considering the sf_urban_physics = 2 and the hybrid 100-m global land cover dataset with Local Climate Zones. To use this dataset, I followed the instructions provided...
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    NOAHMP questions

    I have a few questions about NOAHMP 1. Do you have to change the geogrid file link from geogrid.arw to geogrid.arw.noahmp to use noahmp? 2. Which optional or supplementary files are needed to use noahmp for geography 3. If you don't call the noahmp geogrid file and you put the noahmp commands...
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    Pass a variable to microphysical scheme

    Hello, This question has been asked here. Hope to get help! the variable tracer(I,k,j,P_tr17_2) has been calculated in solve_em.F and designed to be passed to module_mp_full.F Following is what I did: the calculated tracer(I,k,j, P_tr17_2) is firstly in the CALL microphysics_driver...
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    how to integrate soil moisture layers in Noah-MP module

    Dear all, I am confused about how to calculate the total soil moisture when considering multiple layers. The stimulated soil moisture has four layers (i.e., 0-10cm; 10-40cm; 40-100cm; 100-200cm) in Noah-MP module. But if we want to get the soil moisture in the layer 0-40cm and 40-200cm, can we...
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    Nested Hurricane Namelist Physics Options

    Hi, I am relatively new to WRF but I am trying to run a (3) nested (Atlantic) hurricane case but I am wondering what namelist options are best recommended for the nested domains. For the parent domain i used the following options: mp_physics = 6, ra_sw_physics = 4, ra_lw_physics = 4, radt = 10...
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    WRF LES for methane simulation

    Hi. I am a PhD Student doing research on methane plumes detection using satellite imagery. I want to run a methane simulation on WRF LES. Can anyone help me on this? A step by step guide or a tutorial link would be very helpful. Thank You
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    Physics (about wsm-6)

    Hello, I have a question about the physics in wrf 4.5 , i noticed that exist an accelarted version of some physics like wsm-3 and wsm-5 but wsm-6 not, why wsm-6 haven't an accelarate version ?
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    Spurious waves seemingly emerging from domain boundaries - running WRF with 333 m resolution over complex terrain

    Hello WRF community, I am new to WRF and this forum, but I believe (after some searching) that this particular question was not asked. I wish to simulate KH waves (scale of several kilometers) over some fairly complex terrain; I wish to run the model at 333 m resolution which necessitates 4...
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    Problem with wind and the change of vertical layers.

    Hello everyone, Sorry for my English. You'll see, I've run WRF with the default distribution of vertical layers (in my case, e_vert=35). For a better resolution in the lower layers, I set up the following distribution: eta_levels = 1.000, 0.998, 0.994, 0.990, 0.988, 0.982...
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    WRFV4.4.2 Potential temperature tendency calculation

    Hi, I'm using the acc_phy_tend=1 option to analyze my potential temperature results. The default outputs for accumulated theta tendency are ATHMPTEN, ATHCUTEN, ATHSHTEN, ATHBLTEN, ATHRATENLW, and ATHRATENSW. Following advice from other threads, I've modified source codes to include the tendency...
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    How do we reduce the precipitation bias over mountains

    Hello, This is just a general question. I have been simulating typhoon induced precipitation over an area that includes a mountain (bottom figure). This was run at 5x5 km with IC from ERA5. Unfortunately, despite trying all combinations of the cumulus, microphysics, and PBL schemes, the best...
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    WRF-ARW: No snow on lakes?

    I run WRF-ARW with ERA5 as an output, with two nested domains over Alaska (12 and 4 km). I use sf_lake_physics = 1 and use_lakedepth = 1 with MODIS lakes and the optional lake depth data. The snow inputs are also from ERA5, but with some custom pre-processing. Suffice it to say we've put a lot...
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    mp_physics scheme list

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can point me to the file which contains the list of what mp_physics schemes are associated with what number? I've seen conflicting lists online and so I wanted to see what WRF's list is to avoid any mistakes. To confirm, what I mean is where is the file which...
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    WRF-CLM land use and landcover change simulations

    Hi all, I'm employing WRF-CLM (v3.81, sf_surface_physics = 5) to examine the impacts of land use and land cover change on regional climate. The control simulation uses the default land use, and the land use frictions (LANDUSEF) and dominant index (LU_INDEX) of future ones are modified following...
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    How does WRF calculate SWDOWN?

    I am calculating downward short wave flux using WRF. I found a variable called SWDOWN among the output variables, and I am curious whether this variable is instantaneous or averaged according to history_interval. I would like to know whether the value of SWDOWN is the instantaneous value of...
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    Green roof soil moisture

    Dear WRF community, I have a question about soil moisture in the green roof option. I would highly appreciate it if someone could help me. For single layer UCM (SLUCM), how can I change the initial soil moisture of green roofs? While green roof properties for SLUCM are specified in...