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wrf physics

  1. F

    WRF physics for 1km domain forcasting application

    Hello, I'm nesting a 1km reolution domain inside a 5km domain. Both 100 grid squares. Input data is GFS forcast. I'm running the simulation primarily to forcast weather for sailors so the main parameters I'm intersted are surface winds, rain, CAPE and a few upper level winds. Clouds possibly but...
  2. M

    real.exe changes LU_INDEX and LANDMASK when producing wrfinput file

    Hello: I am conducting a WRF simulation using ERA5 reanalysis input data. I successfully ran all programs in WPS and generated met_em files that look as I'd expect. However, when I run real.exe, the wrfinput files that get produced have changes in the LANDMASK and LU_INDEX. Specifically, a...
  3. W

    WRF always stops at the same location with cfl error

    I am running a case that and always seems to stop at the same time. Things I have tried: 1. Increased number of cores (8 to 16 using mpirun -np 16 ./wrf.exe) 2. Increased ptop (5000 to 3000) 3. Increased e_vert (45 to 50) 4. Decreased time_step (90 to 60) 5, Checked rsl files: I have...
  4. M

    WRF 4.5.1 runtime error: Allocatable actual argument 'qc_bl2d' is not allocated

    Hi all - I'm attempting to set up a solar forecast instance using WRF 4.5.1 and the Deng shallow cumulus parameterization (shcu_physics=5), and I've been getting all kinds of errors. The latest is the "not allocated" error in the title of this posting. Since I'm not using the actual WRF-Solar...
  5. RCarpenter

    Problems running Urban UCM and WUDAPT LCZ

    I am having trouble using the single-layer UCM with WRF 4.5.1. WRF dies after about 1.5 hours with little diagnostic info. I’m running GEOGRID with geog_data_res = 'cglc_modis_lcz+modis_lai+modis_30s_lake+30s', … I’m using NoahMP and sf_urban_physics = 1, 1, 1 use_wudapt_lcz = 1 num_land_cat...
  6. A

    dveg option for NOAH-MP LSM

    Dear all, I'm running several exps with WRF (v. 4.4.1) + WRF-HYDRO (v. 5.2) and I'm facing some issues related to the evaluation of the 2 meter temperature in a specific region of Europe (Balkan area in details). My simulations show a difference of more than 10˚ over this region with respect...
  7. N

    Wavelength of radiation variables

    Hi, I was wondering about the wavelength at which radiation data for SWDNB and SWDOWN variables are provided. Is it provided at a particular wavelength or is it the total radiation over a range of wavelengths? Similarly for the longwave variables. Kindly refer me to the sources of it, if...
  8. S

    TC_URB vs T_2m

    Hi, I have run WRF with the SLUCM and I am just interested in understanding the variable urban canopy Temperature (TC_URB)? and whether the 2m temperature is calculated the same way as without the urban canopy model?
  9. S

    wrf top layers

    hi, is there some special tricks done in the top layers of wrf to avoid energy leakage? and if yes does this affect the top two layers or the top 5 or ?? and how does this affect the physics there?
  10. Z

    How to write full WRF running progress into a log file?

    Hi all, I have some trouble when running WRF 4.3.3 with Mibrandt & Yau 2-moment (mp=9). It crashing but doesn't make an error report in rsl file and doesn't kill task. When using the same namelist for other mp scheme (Thompson 08, Morrison 10), WRF can complete full cycle run, with some extreme...
  11. Y

    Question about aerosol-aware thompson scheme with use_aero_icbc = .false.

    Hi all, I am running WRF model (version 4.2.2) using aerosol-aware thompson scheme (mp_physics=28) with use_aero_icbc = .false. In fact, I want to use this microphysics scheme in the context of a very low aerosol number concentration. Thus, I modify the naCCN0, naCCN1, naIN0 and naIN1 in...
  12. J

    How to calculate total cloud volume based on CLDFRA, cfrac?

    Add up the layers directly?
  13. D

    wrf.exe error Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference

    Hi, experts!!! I want to run WRF V4.0 to assess the surface parameterization schemes including the unified Noah, CLM4, Pleim-Xiu, and SSiB, which driven by era5 datasets. The fomer 3 of them, the unified Noah, CLM4, Pleim-Xiu, are running well. However, the last one, SSiB, always take error...
  14. M

    segmentation fault using NBA (sfs_opt = 1 or 2)

    Hi, I experienced a segmentation fault in my LES simulation using the NBA option with sfs_opt = 1 or 2. When I turn off the option (sfs_opt = 0), the code runs to the end. Is there any known issue about NBA model ? I didn't investigate so deeply the error since I may run without NBA model but...
  15. I

    Cloud effective radius in morrisson 2 moment scheme

    Hi all, Can anyone please help me to get cloud effective radius in wrfout for Morrisson 2 moment scheme ( mp_physics=10) Thanks in advance Anas
  16. A

    WRF Crashes with Shinhong PBL scheme

    Hi all, I am attempting a simulation with WRFV4.4 with the Shinhong PBL Scheme (11), however, I keep getting some errors relating to the surface physics. The current setup is tried with both Noah and NoahMP land surface models, but the model keeps crashing after a few hours into the...
  17. george_victor

    Modifying Seaice roughness length

    Hi! I'm planning a sensitivity test. I've already made a control simulation, now I need to make a simulation with modified roughness length. I understand that usually the roughness length for seaice is set a constant, and it is straight forward to modify it into a new constant value. However, in...
  18. T

    High Resolution (dx/dy ~200m) Simulations and PBL Schemes

    Hi all, I recently computed a four domain (25km, 5km, 1km, 200m) simulation and received realistic output. However, after looking through the guidelines I came across the following: "PBL schemes can be used for most grid sizes when surface fluxes are present; however, at grid size dx << 1 km...
  19. S

    Deng Shallow cumulus scheme WRF v4.4

    I want to run the model using the shallow cumulus scheme = 5. From the user manual, it says this one will work with MYNN and MYJ PBL. So I tried both schemes, but I kept getting errors Here I show what I get when I use the MYJ. It confuses me because the icloud_bl is supposed to be for the MYNN...
  20. C

    UCM model Issue

    I tried to run SL-UCM model by putting sf_urban physics value as 0,0,0,1 in a 4 domain model. The model ran successfully, but whe I ran the same model with urban physics as 0,0,0,0; and removing the use_wudapt lcz from the model, the result came out to be same as previous. Kindly, tell the...