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wrf physics

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    mp_physics scheme list

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can point me to the file which contains the list of what mp_physics schemes are associated with what number? I've seen conflicting lists online and so I wanted to see what WRF's list is to avoid any mistakes. To confirm, what I mean is where is the file which...
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    WRF-CLM land use and landcover change simulations

    Hi all, I'm employing WRF-CLM (v3.81, sf_surface_physics = 5) to examine the impacts of land use and land cover change on regional climate. The control simulation uses the default land use, and the land use frictions (LANDUSEF) and dominant index (LU_INDEX) of future ones are modified following...
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    How does WRF calculate SWDOWN?

    I am calculating downward short wave flux using WRF. I found a variable called SWDOWN among the output variables, and I am curious whether this variable is instantaneous or averaged according to history_interval. I would like to know whether the value of SWDOWN is the instantaneous value of...
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    Green roof soil moisture

    Dear WRF community, I have a question about soil moisture in the green roof option. I would highly appreciate it if someone could help me. For single layer UCM (SLUCM), how can I change the initial soil moisture of green roofs? While green roof properties for SLUCM are specified in...
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    Hello, I'd like to test YSU CRN = 2.5 as Vaughan and Fovell did in "". I've found "363 brcr_ub = 0.0,brcr_sb = 0.25,cori = 1.e-4" in "wrf/phys/module_bl_ysu.F at master · yyr/wrf". is it the correct to change brcr_ub to 2.5?
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    Calculation of net surface heat flux

    Greetings, everyone. I want to calculate net surface heat flux from WRF output. Is it alright if I calculate the net surface heat flux by using the formula, net HF = SWDOWN + GLW + LH + HFX_FORCE. The details of the variables can be found in the variable list which I have added here for...
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    Velocity with SLUCM higher than with BULK

    Dear all, I am new to urban climate simulations and I have recently run two simulations using ERA5 data and WRF version 4.5.0. One of the simulations is done using the bulk scheme and the other with SLUCM. The thing is that over urban areas I get average seasonal values of w10=sqrt(u10^2+v10^2)...
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    WRF stops with strange error

    Running ERA5 Data from ECMWF Model stops with this error: I tried changing dt to 3*dx and the error went away but the model stopped. I have attached the namelists, rsl files. Any help would be appriciated.
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    Make Clouds Transparent to Solar but not IR Radiation in WRF

    Hello, I understand that setting icloud=0 turns off the cloud effect on optical depth for shortwave radiation and longwave radiation (options 1,4); however, I am not seeing any way to turn off the cloud effect for just solar or just IR. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    WRF-BEP+BEM Air conditioner module time settings

    I used BEP+BEM (urban setting=3) to simulate the urban environment, and want to answer the question: AC scenarios effect on urban heat environment. However, I met a problem. There is a parameter of AC settings to adjust the AC using time. I want to simulate AC opening from 18:00 to 8:00 of next...
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    Error about calling land surface mode

    Hello When I call the pavement module (RUC, Pleim-Xiu) with WRF4.5, there are some problems, can you help me with guidance. The following are the errors and namelist.input...
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    WRF LES Top of Radiation Driver

    I try to start a WRF-LES simulation. 3 domains starting from 3/1km/333/ and the two last one 111/33. it works very slowly when I just start 4 domains but does not go further (but does not crash) when I add the last domain. I have no idea what is the reason. I tested a few combinations but it...
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    Segmentation fault using Goddard SW/LW radiation

    I am currently in the process of upgrading from WRF 3.8 to WRF 4.5.1. The transition has been fairly painless, up to this point. I have tried several configurations and everything has worked fine on the first try. However, when I run the configuration below (Goddard SW/LW and Morrison...
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    Daytime temperatures in Clay in Soil texture

    I am currently studying the heat island of Bangkok, Thailand as part of a Southeast Asian urban climate research. This study uses WRF versions 4.2.2 and 4.3.3. Also, Noah LSM and Single layer UCM are used. I have run simulations on many cases, but the simulations do not reproduce the daytime...
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    P3 microphysics scheme modification

    I want to make some changes to the MP P3 scheme based on some literature review I see in the phys folder there are four files for this scheme: module_mp_p3.F module_mp_p3.f90 module_mp_p3.mod module_mp_p3.o I started modifying the module_mp_p3.F file and left the others untouched. After...
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    WRF output variables

    Looking to see if there are WRF namelist options that need to be enabled to have certain exports in the wrfout file. I am looking for these times of values: 1.) are there any icing or turbulence options at different altitudes from that model? 2.) are there any surface visibility forecast...
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    Modify aerosol over part of the domain

    Hi everyone, I am trying to increase water friendly aerosol number concentration over the Great Barrier Reef to test the sensitivity of clouds to aerosol loading. The Thompson Aerosol Aware microphysical scheme is applied, and auxiliary aerosol climatology is used...
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    Radiation in Real-data WRF

    Hello everyone, As a sensitivity experiment, I would like to investigate the effects of long-wave radiation (specifically, cloud top radiative cooling and cloud base radiative heating) on the development of a mesocyclone. The first option that comes to mind is to simply turn off the long-wave...
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    Horizontally heterogeneous aerosol concentration

    Hi, I am trying to run an idealized WRF simulation with mp_phys option 28 (Thompson 'aerosol-aware' scheme). So far I have been successful at specifying a vertical profile (but horizontally homogeneous value) of CCN and IN in the model. Is it possible to vary the aerosol concentration in the...
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    WRF physics for 1km domain forcasting application

    Hello, I'm nesting a 1km reolution domain inside a 5km domain. Both 100 grid squares. Input data is GFS forcast. I'm running the simulation primarily to forcast weather for sailors so the main parameters I'm intersted are surface winds, rain, CAPE and a few upper level winds. Clouds possibly but...