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wrf physics

  1. S

    namelist.input configuration for coastal regions @ 3km resolution

    We are using GFS/GDAS at 0.25 degree resolution as primary input for WRF simulations in forecast mode for the next 3-4 days. While the regional simulations at 20 and 25 km resolutions are looking good, the precipitation patterns for coastal regions when downscaled to 3km are consistently...
  2. O

    SAG and SAV equals to Zero in VEGE_FLUX and BARE_FLUX subroutines within MODULE_SF_NOAHMPLSM?

    Good day colleagues, Out of curiosity, I have been trying to print out the values of SAG (Solar radiation absorbed by ground) and SAV (Solar radiation absorbed by vegetation) in the VEGE_FLUX and BARE_FLUX subroutines within the MODULE_SF_NOAHMPLSM using WRITE (6, *) 'SAV=', SAV, 'SAG=', SAG ...
  3. W

    [SOLVED] Segfault for WRF V4.5 with the new hybrid 100-m MODIS-LCZ dataset using SLUCM urban physics

    Hi, I came across segfault for WRF 4.5 using the new modis-lcz dataset under SLUCM urban physics. The segfault always happen at 1 of the 72 cores in Cheyenne. From the error log it seems that the segfault happens during avgflx at solve_em.F. I cannot pinpoint how it happens without any...
  4. T

    Hydrometeor conversion rates

    Hello, I want to analyse contributions to hail tendency (in the MY microphysical scheme) of conversion rates of cloud, rain, ice ect., but I'm not successful with WRF-wrfout. Can anyone help?
  5. P

    Unusual tiling in precipitation field while using WRF aerosol-aware microphysics scheme

    I am seeing unusual tiling in the precipitation field simulated by WRF aerosol microphysics scheme of Song and Zhang, 2011, i.e., mp_physics = 40, which is used together with cu_physics = 11. I have 3 domains in my simulations and tiling is happening in all three domains. I am using WRF V4.4...
  6. D

    CLDFRA results

    Dear WRF community, I have extracted 3D cloud fraction (CLDFRA) from my WRF output files. However, I got weird values, like 0.00239 for some hours. can I use the obtained values or I should transform them? Thank you
  7. Z

    Can we use urban 3D data in WRF

    Hi, everyone. Recently I have a question. That is, if I have a gridded dataset of urban building height. How can I use it when I run a WRF simulation? As I know, we re allowed to replace the land use and land cover (LULC) data. Is there a similar way to deal with urban 3D data? Now only...
  8. J

    Wrong TAOD5502D after using climatological aerosol in mp_physics=28 in WRF V4.4

    Hi all, I am trying to run the aerosol-aware version with mp_physics = 28 option under WRF V4.4. Following all the instructions, the metgrid.exe ran well after adding the following line: &metgrid constants_name = 'QNWFA_QNIFA_QNBCA_SIGMA_MONTHLY.dat' The B_WIF_*、 I_WIF_* 、 W_WIF_* have been...
  9. A

    emitted longwave <0; skin T may be wrong due to inconsistent input of SHDFAC with LAI

    Hello everyone, I'm having difficulties running WRF V4.3 with ERA5 data and BEP-BEM urban parameterization. My goal is to simulate the whole 2022, and before that I'm testing running the first 10 days of January. However, at day 4 and 04h the simulation stops with the following error: d01...
  10. Y

    (RESOLVED) Segmentaition fault when running wrf.exe

    Hello all, I'm running WRFV4.5 with sf_urban_physics=1 (i.e., SLUCM), unfortunately, the model stopped after integrating several hours. The error information which I got is as follows: [ib0414:86410:0:86410] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault: address not mapped to object at address...
  11. M

    mpi bug in TSLB_MOSAIC using Noah LSM with sf_surface_mosaic option

    Dear all, I experienced a bug in TSLB_MOSAIC, SMOIS_MOSAIC and SH2O_MOSAIC output when using the option sf_surface = 1 with Noah LSM and mosaic_cat=3. The figure "TSLB_MOSAIC_t0_mosaic0" shows a 2D color plot of TSLB_MOSAIC 45 minutes after the simulation start time, in the first mosaic layer...
  12. Y

    Where can I find "Urbanized-WRF" or "WRF-Urban"?

    Hello all, My name is Young. I'm a grad student who just started learning WRF. My goal is to analyze Urban Heat Island effect with WRF, and I recently installed WRF-ARW 4.5 in my Linux successfully i. I'm still figuring out the next step- preparing an LCZ map of my ROI and others that is...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] Running WRF V-4.5 with the new hybrid 100-m global land cover dataset with Local Climate Zones and MLUCM BEP

    Hello. I'm trying to run the latest version of the WRF model by implementing the hybrid 100-m global land cover coupled with the BEP urban parameterization. I have 3 nested domains with 12 km, 4km, and 1km horizontal resolution, respectively. Unfortunately, during the simulation of the first...
  14. Z

    How to add a new snow albedo schems in WRF/Noah-MP and add a new input varaibles in wrfinput ?

    Hi all, I am trying to fully coupled SNICAR snow albedo shemes in WRF/Noah-MP(online). The SNICAR has been Coupled in WRF/CLM already and I am planning to ake out the SNICAR fortran subroutine from CLM model code and create a new physics option in Noah-MP. Now I have the problem that the SNICAR...
  15. S

    GHGs won't update on restart

    Greetings, I am using WRF 4.4.2 with ghg_input = 1 for long term regional climate simulations. I notice that when I restart the model, say, 7 years into the simulation (2106), that my GHG values in the rsl files are still for the initial date (2009). I'm assuming that this is an issue with...
  16. xpji

    how to set solar radiation to a constant value(such as 800W) in WRF model

    I want to set the solar radiation from convective cloud tops to a fixed value (such as 800w). But I didn't know how to set parameters. whether can I set the constant value through modifying the namelist.input. thank you!
  17. T

    (RESOLVED) WRF Single-layer, UCM crashed

    I ran a case in WRFv4.4.2, which was a 15 km run using Noah-MP land surface model. Simulation for SF_URBAN_PHYSICS = 1, Single-layer UCM in the Southeast United States. Simulation started from 2015-08-02 00Z and plan to end at 2015-08-10 00Z The run crashed at 2015-08-03_14:30:00Z due to NaN...
  18. Y

    Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference

    I am currently using WRF 4.5 to perform regional climate simulations over the Tibetan Plateau. However, I consistently encounter an error when running wrf.exe: Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this error: #0 0x151d5f527ad0 in ??? #1...
  19. H

    Error when using LCZ in WRFV4.5

    Hi all, Im trying to use the WUDAPT LCZ to upgrade the urban landuse in WRFV4.5. According to the recent update log, the lu_index from 31-41 is changed to 51-61. So I used w2w to generate the LCZ geo files and then modified the lLU_INDEX in the geo_em.d0*. The metgrid.exe and real.exe is...
  20. S

    Is it possible to set green roofs for specific areas in the WRF-urban?

    Dear WRF team, I am using WRF to simulate the cooling effect of green roofs in the city, but I found that I can only set the same green roof coverage for a certain category of LCZ separately in URBPARM_LCZ.TBL. This does not meet my needs because the green roof coverage may also be different...