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How do I understand Registry files?


New member
Hello, I am running WRFv4.4.2 and studying the registry to create only the variables I need in the output.

There are numerous files in the ~/WRF/Registry directory, and from what I understand, the files used are different depending on the compilation options (em_real, or ideal, etc.), and there seem to be unused files depending on which scheme is selected in the <namelist.input>.

I want to identify all variables in the file as much as possible and add only the variables I need to the output, but there are too many files and I need help.

1. What is the difference between Registry.X file and registry.X file?
2. What files are not applied when compiling with em_real?
3. Is there a document that explains in detail how each file is used and what content it contains?

Please help, thank you.
I can understand your confusion, and I'm not sure I, myself, know what every registry file is used for. You are correct that some are specific to the options set. I don't believe there are any that are specific to idealized cases. There is a and registry.les, but I don't believe those are only for the idealized cases, as you can (for e.g.,) run an LES case on a real-data domain. I think for your purpose, you will want to look at Registry.EM_COMMON. That is the one that lists the most common variables. You can also take a look at this presentation that discusses the registry and its components. You may also be able to search this forum to see if others have been given a good answer for which variables are mandatory to keep.