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wrf output

  1. A

    WRF outputs time shifting with NCO

    I'll just leave this here, in case someone ever needs it; finding the solution is far from obvious. Because I cannot (yet) access some Python packages to post-process my data, I use NCO instead. However, dealing with time in WRF NetCDF format quickly becomes complicated. Nevertheless, the...
  2. J

    Standard Deviation of Wind Speed and Vertical Velocity?

    I have been perusing the WRF Registry and have found that it appears WRF is able to output the standard deviation of the wind speed at a 10 meter height in m/s. Does anyone know if WRF is able to output the standard deviation of the wind speed or standard deviation of the vertical velocity at...
  3. S

    Regridding / Convert Lambert projection of WRF outputs to Lat-lon projection + MASKING according to Shape file

    Hi, I have run the WRF simulation using Lambert projection. For verification, I have to convert the projection to lat-lon projection and have to mask it according to my shape file for ease of comparison. For this, I have used the rcm2rgrid function in NCL. where I can convert my grid, but...
  4. E

    WRF Running Help For New User

    I am a graduate student and I need to use the WRF model for my thesis entitled "Investigation of Wave Energy Potential on the Black Sea Coast". I will not use it for professional purposes, and I need to perform a simulation in the simplest way possible. I cannot provide more details since I am...
  5. Alfred-Jose

    How to derive Specific Humidity from WRF output ?

    Hi there, I have been trying to find the variable for Specific Humidity (sph) at single level/ pressure levels from the output files. Does it come with any specific parameterization schemes.? Although I tried some combinations and have not been able to find it Thank you so much for your time...
  6. L

    WRF-Chem running error, can not read wrfchemi

    Hi, everybody I use meic2wrf to make wrfchemi, but when I run WRF-ChemV4.5.2, I found that it reports an error Error trying to read metadata, and then it's still running normally after that, but only the information of the weather variable is in the wrfout, and I would like to know what I...
  7. O

    Query about Different Spatial-Temporal Patterns in 3-Hourly and 1-Hourly WRF Outputs with Adaptive Timestep

    I am currently working with the WRF model and have encountered an intriguing observation regarding the spatial-temporal patterns in the model outputs when using adaptive time step settings. In my simulations, I have noticed significant differences in the spatial-temporal patterns between the...
  8. S

    How do I understand Registry files?

    Hello, I am running WRFv4.4.2 and studying the registry to create only the variables I need in the output. There are numerous files in the ~/WRF/Registry directory, and from what I understand, the files used are different depending on the compilation options (em_real, or ideal, etc.), and there...
  9. pegwan

    Initialising em_tropical_cyclone for the southern hemisphere

    I am attempting to run an idealised tropical cyclone simulation for the southern hemisphere, however I am running into some trouble when initialising the vortex. In order to change the starting conditions, I am modifying 'module_initialize_tropical_cyclone.F' (user settings shown below)...
  10. T

    The result of WRF_Hydro is null when there is lake.

    Dear all, Would you give me some advices for the result of my wrf_hydro run is a blank value in the lake area, and it is also in the croton_NY_training_example_v5.2 example given by the official website For example, I show the Ground Temperature for the result.
  11. george_victor

    Surface roughness estimation over ocean grid points

    Hi! I was making an LES simulation over ocean and seaice grids. While analyzing the outputs, I found that the sea surface roughness length (ZNT) is in correlation with the wind speed (checked for various heights up to 50m from the surface). Although the correlation is not precisely 1, I was...
  12. L

    WRF p_lev_diags setting error

    Hello: I am trying to use the 'pressure level output' option in WRF4.5.2 To save U, V, T at some pressure levels.But according to my namelist output, the file contains variables such as U10, V10, T2, etc., and does not include variables such as U, V, T, dew point temperature, etc. My input...
  13. Q

    Variable 'SST' in the wrfout is strange

    Dear all I use ncview to check my wrfout, and variable 'SST' is very strange, I think something wrong I didn't realize happened. Here is the image of 'SST'. The datasets I use is GHRSST Level 4 GAMSSA_28km Global Foundation Sea Surface Temperature Analysis v1.0 dataset (GDS2), and I use this...
  14. A

    SST values in continental region

    Hello WRF community, I am running simulations with and without updating the sea surface temperature. When I plot the SST variable from the wrfout with and without SST updates, it has positive values over the continental region. I think it should be NaN or 0 values. Am I doing something wrong...
  15. W

    NOAHMP questions

    I have a few questions about NOAHMP 1. Do you have to change the geogrid file link from geogrid.arw to geogrid.arw.noahmp to use noahmp? 2. Which optional or supplementary files are needed to use noahmp for geography 3. If you don't call the noahmp geogrid file and you put the noahmp commands...
  16. A

    How to add heating rate as a variable in the WRF output file

    Hello all, I want to add atmospheric heating rate as a variable in the WRF output files (i.e., 'wrfout_d0*' files). I have gone through a previous forum conversation (Output the atmospheric heating rate) and after considering the suggestions available in that conversation, I made a iofields file...
  17. W

    PBLH is 0 for all areas of domain

    I am trying to calculate wind gusts using an equation from a research paper. In the paper you need to calculate wind speed at the pblh. However, When I print out the pblh values they are all 0 (wrf-python) workhorse@workhorse-MS-7D91:/media/workhorse/1774-7AEE/Python Charts/python charts...
  18. R

    interpolation from large file

    Hello. I am using the wrf_user_getvar to get the ua and va componetns of wind, and the wrf_user_vert_interp function to interpolate them. The simulation is a 4 nested real case with the innermost domain having a resolution of 0.333 km. There are a total of 433 times steps, I will use time steps...
  19. S

    wrf.exe don't write any output but running (sf_sfclay_physics)

    I'm conducting one domain experiment and two domain experiments with WRF version 4.4.2. I am using openmpi 4.1.4 version and aarch64, a 64-bit processor based on the ARMv8 architecture. It was confirmed that the experiment set with two domains was completed normally, and the experiment with one...
  20. xpji

    LADNMASK was restored after running real.exe

    hi, all To make an ideal experiment with a surface covered by water, I changed HGT_M in geogrid.*nc to 0, LANDMASK to 0, and LU_INDEX to 16 through "read_wrf_nc.f90". The above three variables in the met*nc file obtained by successfully running metgrid.exe are also consistent. ,, However...