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wrf output

  1. O

    Fine vertical resolution, excluding unneeded WRF-output files, resetting snowfall and snow coverage to 0 before each integration

    Dear colleagues, (1). Please, how can I ensure that my simulation has a fine vertical resolution? (Vertical height above the ground). The e_vert? (2). How can I ensure that the values of snowfall and snow coverage are reset to 0 before each integration? (3). How do I exclude un-needed...
  2. P

    Underestimated CLDFRA in 4.4.1 compared to 4.3.1

    Hi All, Significant differences were found in the SWDOWN calculation between WRF-4.3.1 and WRF-4.4.1. Compared with measured radiation data, WRF-4.4.1 shows much worse scores. Similar differences are in CLDFRA: compared to satellite observation WRF-4.4.1 underestimates the values of the...
  3. J

    The problem of the auxiliary pressure level output in WRFPLUS

    Hello. When I was using the auxiliary pressure level output in WRF, for example, I just add &diags p_lev_diags = 1 num_press_levels = 1, press_levels = 50000, in the namelist.input and auxhist23_interval = 360, frames_per_auxhist23 = 1, io_form_auxhist23 = 2, in the &time_control part, if I run...
  4. X

    Strange time dimensions and values of wrf_out files

    Hi all, I am running the WRF-Noah MP model in East Asia during 2021.6-2021.8 without any errors reported. However, I found some strange things in my wrf.output files: (1) Strange time dimension. Generally, my daily wrfout files have a dimension of 159*159*1 (My study area covers 159 grid...
  5. S

    iofields_filename WRF v4.4 not working

    Hi I want to remove some variables from my wrfout files but it is not removing any of the variables I put in the iofields_filename Here is my namelist.input and rsl.error file
  6. I

    Converting Projection of WRF Output file

    Dear All I am trying to convert LCC projection to UTM projection using python. below is my code # Define the source (Lambert Conformal) and destination (UTM) projections lambert = pyproj.Proj(proj='lcc',lat_0 = 49.8, lon_0=6.0, lat_1=6.1, lat_2=12.2, a=6370000, b=6370000) utm =...
  7. S

    3-day ahead weather forecast using WRF-ARW based on historical data.

    Can WRF-ARW perform a 3 day forecast based on historical data? I am trying to run wrf model beyond the given input days but it is getting stopped.
  8. R

    Units of west_east and south_north coordinates?

    Hi all, I'm a new WRF user and want to know the values in km of the gridpoints in some WRF output I am working with. I noticed that much of the output data is in coordinates of 'west_east' and 'south_north'. However, I have been unable to figure out whether these coordinates simply indicate the...
  9. J

    Idealized test cases output as RotatedLatLon projection, why?

    Hello! I've successfully set up WRF and have also run a couple of the test cases included in WRF4.4.1 (em_fire, em_quarter_ss). These runs are successful as well and output the standard `wrfout_d01_0001-01-01_00:00:00` type files. I then attempt to visualize these files (example, SLP) using...
  10. A

    WRF model runtime issue: Only able to run 9 days out of 152 due to HPC time limit

    Hi everyone, I am having an issue with running my WRF model on two clusters with 35 nodes each. I set the maximum time limit to 24 hours, but my model runtime is 152 days, or about 3 months long. As a result, I've only been able to run and output about 9 days out of the 152 days. I had to...
  11. P

    history_interval depending on variable

    Hi, Is it possible to specify the history_interval depending on the variable? I would like to have the output of the rainfall variables every 10 minutes but the output of the rest of the variables every hour. Thanks in advance !
  12. xpji

    the lat-lon values placed in the d02 moved with respect to d01

    Hi, all. question describe: I set the Mercator projection in the namelist.wps of WPS and set up 2 layers of nested areas. The latitude range of the first layer is -30~30, and the latitude range of the second layer is -20~20. In the output wrfoutput file, The lat range in the d01 result is...
  13. N

    Restart Run WRF Records Output files Every Time Step

    Hi everyone, I encountered a problem that when I do a restart run wrf.exe recoeds output every time step regardless of the setting (recording outputs every an hour) in namelist.input file. How can I find a way to fix this problem?I was using WRF version 4.4. Thanks very much!
  14. N

    5 layer thermal diffusion scheme vs. NOAH LSM, temperature results

    I am evaluating the results between different Land Surface Models used in WRF. When using the NOAH LSM, I get more accurate 2 meter temperature results compared to the 5 layer thermal diffusion scheme. The 5 layer thermal diffusion scheme yields less accurate and LOWER temperatures. What about...
  15. N

    WRF ouput variables

    Hello everyone, I'm new to WRF, Where can I find the fullform and definition of the all the variables in the "wrfout_d01_2022-10-31_01:00:00" file in the link below WRF_OUTPUT_FILES - Google Drive Thank you.
  16. A

    Modifying the registry to output specific variables

    Dear community, I am using WRFv3.5.1 (for specific reasons). I'm trying to output terms like re_cloud and qc_diabatic, and for that I did some modifications to the Registry.EM_COMMON. After re-compiling, the variables are present in the wrfouts but however, the arrays only consist of zeros at...
  17. P

    Perturbation of the wrfinput does not change the wrfout result

    Dear all, I manage to change the wrfinput file with a python script, I checked, and the variables I perturbed are different from the original wrfinput. Then I run the WRF Model with the perturbed input, but the output does not change. Better say, the resulting wrfout differs from the original...
  18. N

    drydep_x are all zeros

    Hi everyone, I am running the dust only simulatiion (chem_opt=401) with WRFV4.4. After the simulation completed, all the drydep_x variables in the output file are zeros. How can I fix this problem?Here is my namelist.input file. Thanks very much!
  19. A

    How to activate the time series output in wrf

    I noticed that wrf can produce a time series output at a certain location by presenting a 'tslist' file as shown in README.tslist. Is there any one have made it worked. In my experiments, I provided a file named 'tslist' in run directory, however, when the program is completed, I can not see...
  20. P

    HAILNC problem in WRFV4.1.3

    I am using WRF 4.1.3 to run the model with WSM6 microphysic scheme (mp_physics = 6) and applying HAILCAST module in the inner domain. I'm obtaining results for WRF-HAILCAST MAX Hail Diameter, however I can not take any hail (HAILNC). I obtain zero for all domains. I tried to turn on hail_opt...