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wrf output

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    WRF stops with strange error

    Running ERA5 Data from ECMWF Model stops with this error: I tried changing dt to 3*dx and the error went away but the model stopped. I have attached the namelists, rsl files. Any help would be appriciated.
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    Many output variables are missing in wrfinput and wrfbdy

    Dear everyone, I met a problem: I am running WRF-chem V3.9, and when I finished running the first real.exe, I found that the generated wrfinput and wrfbdy files are missing a lot of variables, and the aerosol variables that I am concerned about are not there at all (as in Figure 1 in the...
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    Why Does the Same WRF Run Produce Different Results?

    Dear WRF Community, I am working on a July 05-06, 2018, moist convective case, which produces heavy precipitation near the Chicago area. I am using WRFV4.4 to simulate this case. I was able to simulate it successfully, and the results were well comparable with observations (Test1). However...
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    Calculating Precipitation in a Moving Grid

    Hi, WRF support: I'm using a moving grid simulation to study a typhoon (with a nested grid scheme for vortex tracking), and I'm currently facing an issue related to calculating accumulated precipitation during the simulation. I understand that simply adding RAINC and RAINNC is not appropriate...
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    WRF output variables

    Looking to see if there are WRF namelist options that need to be enabled to have certain exports in the wrfout file. I am looking for these times of values: 1.) are there any icing or turbulence options at different altitudes from that model? 2.) are there any surface visibility forecast...
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    how to use the wrfout file in get_pyngl and glob?

    dear friends, I encountered two issues when processing wrf output data. first one: when I use the get_pyngl, it told me that RuntimeError: 'pyngl' is not installed or is disabled. but I have install the Nio &Ngl in conda, how to call this program? here is my code. #6.5PyNGL example using a...
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    change SMOIS and TSLB in ideal test

    Hi, WRF support: The fact that SMOIS and TSLB in the wrfout became 0 over the ocean after I added some land in an ideal experiment seems unreasonable to me. Could you please explain the reason for this? Attached is a figure. The second question: I would like to know the most effective way to...
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    Relative vorticity as WRF output

    Hi, everyone First of all I hope that you are well, continuing with the post I want to ask if there is a way to obtain the relative vorticity as output in the netcdf file from WRF, I have read that the only one that is obtainable is the absolute vorticity. I have been using these formula to...
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    WRF always stops at the same location with cfl error

    I am running a case that and always seems to stop at the same time. Things I have tried: 1. Increased number of cores (8 to 16 using mpirun -np 16 ./wrf.exe) 2. Increased ptop (5000 to 3000) 3. Increased e_vert (45 to 50) 4. Decreased time_step (90 to 60) 5, Checked rsl files: I have...
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    Improve time calculation for WRF+WRF_HYDRO coupled model

    Hi all We are running several experiment by using WRF (v. 4.4.1) coupled with WRF_HYDRO (v. 5.2.0). After several attempts, we understood that it was not possible to run WRF+WRF_HYDRO in hybrid mode (i.e. OpenMP works for WRF but not with WRF_HYDRO). We ran a series of tests to try to improve...
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    Question about the number of nodes to run WRF

    Hello, We are running parallelization tests and using the script referenced here: How many processors should I use to run WRF? to determine the correct number of nodes needed. We are using four domains and using ndown to do so. We have been able to run without issues up to the third domain...
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    Why I have 3 wfrout files in each domain?

    Hello, Sir Normally, WRF generated only 1 wrfout file in each domain. But, I have 3 wfrout files in each domain when ran WRF in 30 August - 3 September 2022 (95 days). Why? I attached namelist.input. Thank you
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    NaN values are coming over mountains when interpolating WRF variables to a particular pressure level using WRF-Python

    Dear everyone, I want to extract some WRF variables (e.g., Geopotential height, wind variables, etc.) at a specific pressure level (e.g., 850 hPa). For extracting Geopotential Height at 850 hPa, I used the following WRF-Python code: # Extract pressure and z/height variables for time index 0 pres...
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    WRF postProcessing

    Hello,I'm doing a simulation of wrf-les coupling. The CFD tool used is sowfa, and in its examples, there is a case of coupling with wrf, where there is a program to extract data from wrf. But after I changed my filename, nHrs and nPerhrs. Running error : wrfout file does not have z and fc...
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    How to modify namelist.input?

    Hello everyone, I am working on the uncoupled wrf-hydro model with GFS data. For running the real.exe, I need to modify namelist.input. Can anyone suggest to me how can I modify the &physics part in namelist.input file? Thank you
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    Calculation of 2m and 10m variables in WRF output

    Hi, I am working with some WRF output and have realized that, even when the moving nested domains in the WRF simulation move past land masses, there is always a non-NaN output value for the 2-meter temperature and water vapor mixing ratio, as well as the 10-meter u- and v-wind. This leads me to...
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    SAG and SAV equals to Zero in VEGE_FLUX and BARE_FLUX subroutines within MODULE_SF_NOAHMPLSM?

    Good day colleagues, Out of curiosity, I have been trying to print out the values of SAG (Solar radiation absorbed by ground) and SAV (Solar radiation absorbed by vegetation) in the VEGE_FLUX and BARE_FLUX subroutines within the MODULE_SF_NOAHMPLSM using WRITE (6, *) 'SAV=', SAV, 'SAG=', SAG ...
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    Aviation Weather Parameters in WRF

    Good morning everyone, I was wondering if WRF output can help calculated some aviation weather parameters or if anyone knows how to calculate them with WRF python? I am looking for these parameters: - Freezeing Level - Cb potential - Turbulence potential Please let me know if you have any...
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    Save nested files with different number of levels

    Hi I'm running a 4 nested model with 64 levels with WRF version 4.4 I want to save all the levels in the wrfout files for d01,d02, and d03, but for d04 I want to keep the values from the surface to a given level (my estimate is that I would save 40 or 35 levels from those 64) I've been trying...
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    Latent heat flux from QFX in WRF

    Hi, I am using WRF output from someone else and I want to calculate the surface latent heat flux. The output only contains QFX and not the LH variable. As far as I can tell from the WRF documentation on Github, QFX seems to be equal to LH divided by the latent heat of vaporization of water...