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wrf output

  1. N

    WRF ouput variables

    Hello everyone, I'm new to WRF, Where can I find the fullform and definition of the all the variables in the "wrfout_d01_2022-10-31_01:00:00" file in the link below WRF_OUTPUT_FILES - Google Drive Thank you.
  2. A

    Modifying the registry to output specific variables

    Dear community, I am using WRFv3.5.1 (for specific reasons). I'm trying to output terms like re_cloud and qc_diabatic, and for that I did some modifications to the Registry.EM_COMMON. After re-compiling, the variables are present in the wrfouts but however, the arrays only consist of zeros at...
  3. P

    Perturbation of the wrfinput does not change the wrfout result

    Dear all, I manage to change the wrfinput file with a python script, I checked, and the variables I perturbed are different from the original wrfinput. Then I run the WRF Model with the perturbed input, but the output does not change. Better say, the resulting wrfout differs from the original...
  4. N

    drydep_x are all zeros

    Hi everyone, I am running the dust only simulatiion (chem_opt=401) with WRFV4.4. After the simulation completed, all the drydep_x variables in the output file are zeros. How can I fix this problem?Here is my namelist.input file. Thanks very much!
  5. A

    How to activate the time series output in wrf

    I noticed that wrf can produce a time series output at a certain location by presenting a 'tslist' file as shown in README.tslist. Is there any one have made it worked. In my experiments, I provided a file named 'tslist' in run directory, however, when the program is completed, I can not see...
  6. P

    HAILNC problem in WRFV4.1.3

    I am using WRF 4.1.3 to run the model with WSM6 microphysic scheme (mp_physics = 6) and applying HAILCAST module in the inner domain. I'm obtaining results for WRF-HAILCAST MAX Hail Diameter, however I can not take any hail (HAILNC). I obtain zero for all domains. I tried to turn on hail_opt...
  7. O

    Wrf output

    Hi everyone, I need help with changing the axis of my plots from the domains to the variable unit. For example from bottom_top to meters or kilometers and from west-east to like temp in Kelvin. Attached is a copy of what i have now
  8. Y

    How to add advection and tendency variables to wrfout file in WRFV4.4

    Hi, I am new to WRF, I have some questions about how to add advection and tendency variables to wrfout file. I found these variables in Registry.EM_COMMON, and I have read the "How to Use the WRF Registry". I notice that the I/O of these variables is "h", but there is no these variables in my...
  9. yanhongyi

    What should I do if there are too many files in the WRF file?

    Recently I am running WRF simulation, the simulation time is relatively long, the met_em* file as input data is one per hour, and a lot of CPU is used at the same time... This resulted in a lot of links to met_em.d01* files in the folder where I ran WRF, and a lot of rsl.out.xxxx and...
  10. W

    WRF 4.3 output the value of AFWA_VIS was too unreasonable.

    Hello, I want to use &AFWA to calculate the visibility. In the model output file, the values of the AFWA_VIS was 10 times approximately as large as the GFS 0.25° dataset and observation data in my study area, especially on land. I used different combinations of physical schemes, however the...
  11. W

    WRF4.3 diags the values were missing on land

    hello! I'm attempting to use &diags output the wind, temperature, dew point temperature at 50m,100m and 110m, but in the output filed the TD_ZL, T_ZL, U_ZL, V_ZL were -999 on land, the variation trend of the values were normal on the sea. I'm not quite sure now how to go about fixing the...
  12. S

    wrfoutReady files are not written when using IO Quilting

    It appears as though the wrfoutReady files are not written when running WRF version 4.4.0 and using IO quilting. Is this the expected behavior? &time_control output_ready_flag = .true., &domains nproc_x = 15, nproc_y = 21, &namelist_quilt...
  13. D

    WRF output data type

    Hello, I have read some post and currently I think the default data variables except precipitation, written into wrfout files are instantaneous (the closest time step solution), but I would like to know if it has been always the same way or how long has this been like this? has the average of...