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wrf output

  1. W

    PBLH is 0 for all areas of domain

    I am trying to calculate wind gusts using an equation from a research paper. In the paper you need to calculate wind speed at the pblh. However, When I print out the pblh values they are all 0 (wrf-python) workhorse@workhorse-MS-7D91:/media/workhorse/1774-7AEE/Python Charts/python charts...
  2. R

    interpolation from large file

    Hello. I am using the wrf_user_getvar to get the ua and va componetns of wind, and the wrf_user_vert_interp function to interpolate them. The simulation is a 4 nested real case with the innermost domain having a resolution of 0.333 km. There are a total of 433 times steps, I will use time steps...
  3. S

    wrf.exe don't write any output but running (sf_sfclay_physics)

    I'm conducting one domain experiment and two domain experiments with WRF version 4.4.2. I am using openmpi 4.1.4 version and aarch64, a 64-bit processor based on the ARMv8 architecture. It was confirmed that the experiment set with two domains was completed normally, and the experiment with one...
  4. xpji

    LADNMASK was restored after running real.exe

    hi, all To make an ideal experiment with a surface covered by water, I changed HGT_M in geogrid.*nc to 0, LANDMASK to 0, and LU_INDEX to 16 through "read_wrf_nc.f90". The above three variables in the met*nc file obtained by successfully running metgrid.exe are also consistent. ,, However...
  5. george_victor

    WRF writing output at random intervals

    Hi! Recently I was making a simulation, which ended with a CFL error. So I restarted the simulation with restart files and some modification in parameterizations. However when the new simulation started, it is writing outputs every second, although my setting says "history_interval = 30, 5,"...
  6. R

    Why are model results reset every 24 hours?

    I am conducting an experiment from October 1, 2016 to October 6, 2016. I have the following met_em files:
  7. J

    Interpolating WRF data (on structured grid) to observation location (latitude/longitude point)

    Hey there, I'm trying to figure out what the best Python function would be (from wrf, SciPy, etc.) to interpolate gridded WRF output data to a specific observation location at a latitude/longitude point, across various vertical levels. I know that some NCL functions are supposed to handle this...
  8. C

    how to integrate soil moisture layers in Noah-MP module

    Dear all, I am confused about how to calculate the total soil moisture when considering multiple layers. The stimulated soil moisture has four layers (i.e., 0-10cm; 10-40cm; 40-100cm; 100-200cm) in Noah-MP module. But if we want to get the soil moisture in the layer 0-40cm and 40-200cm, can we...
  9. V

    large stripe in temperature output

    Hi all, I am running a nested WRF-CMAQ simulation for April 2019, but noticed some erroneous stripes in the temperature output (shown below). This stripe persist throughout each of the nested model domains (12km, 4km, 1.3km) and is more evident on some days/hours than others. I suspect this...
  10. L

    Is there any processor to convert WRF outputs to .sam (SAMSON) and .ua (TD-6201) formats?

    Hello everyone, I would like to convert WRF outputs into input files for AERMET, and I have seen that one option is to have the mentioned formats above. Another option is through mmif; however, I have observed that mmif does not provide the .sam and .ua formats (although it does offer other...
  11. A

    Error occurred after successfully simulating one-day wrfout while running wrf.exe: forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

    Hi there! I am currently facing an issue while running wrf.exe. The program runs successfully, but after simulating the data for the first day, I encounter the following error. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Specifically speaking, I am utilizing CMIP6 weather reanalysis data to...
  12. E

    Error while Running WRF

    Good day. I am very confused as to how I could prevent this error while running WRF. In my case, I attempt to run 2-domains with outer domain having 15-km and inner domain with 3-km spatial resolution. My Ubuntu system has 16-Gb RAM and I often run WRF with two processors with (mpirun -np 2...
  13. H

    history_interval error in WRF v4.2

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to run a simulation with data written every 10 minutes (history_interval = 10), but the program skips the statement and writes the results every 60 minutes. What can be caused this? &time_control run_days = 0, run_hours = 36, run_minutes = 0, run_seconds = 0...
  14. H

    I have a problem writing output data every 10 minutes

    Hello everyone, I would like to request a little help with this issue. I am working with WRF v4.4 and v 4.2 in both cases I try to launch a simulation with output data writing every 10 minutes. My understanding is that it should be simple by defining history_interval = 10. But for some reason...
  15. L

    How do we reduce the precipitation bias over mountains

    Hello, This is just a general question. I have been simulating typhoon induced precipitation over an area that includes a mountain (bottom figure). This was run at 5x5 km with IC from ERA5. Unfortunately, despite trying all combinations of the cumulus, microphysics, and PBL schemes, the best...
  16. S

    Enabling SST update option in WRF Model run using ERA5 data (downloaded from copernicus)

    Hi Forum. I am trying to run a wrf model for 6 months using ERA5 re-analysis data. For which I have downloaded the SST and Sea-ice-cover data from Copernicus Climate Data Store | Copernicus Climate Data Store , along with 10m u-component of wind, 10m v-component of wind, 2m dewpoint...
  17. W

    How to change Soil heat capacity, thermal diffusivity, thermal inertia

    Hi, WRF support: I want to change Soil heat capacity (C), thermal diffusivity (Kt), and thermal inertia (Iq), in such a way that they remain constant during the integration time. Where should I make these modifications, and what is the specific code?How to change the height of vertical soil...
  18. S

    How does WRF calculate SWDOWN?

    I am calculating downward short wave flux using WRF. I found a variable called SWDOWN among the output variables, and I am curious whether this variable is instantaneous or averaged according to history_interval. I would like to know whether the value of SWDOWN is the instantaneous value of...
  19. F

    3D Idealized squall line?

    Hello, I am aware that I am able to run a 2d squall line in either the x or y direction using WRF, but I am curious if there is a way to produce 3D output from these simulations? Specifically, I am interested in 3D reflectivity. Thank you!
  20. C

    Using the ERA5 land/sea mask data in WRF

    I have noticed that there is an issue with the land sea mask that you get from ECMWF is not binary. This is also noted on ECMWF webpage: Land-sea mask in ERA5 and ERA-Interim - Copernicus User Support Forum - ECMWF Confluence Wiki Because the mask is not binary I believe it creates an issue...