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wrf output

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    Why I have 3 wfrout files in each domain?

    Hello, Sir Normally, WRF generated only 1 wrfout file in each domain. But, I have 3 wfrout files in each domain when ran WRF in 30 August - 3 September 2022 (95 days). Why? I attached namelist.input. Thank you
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    NaN values are coming over mountains when interpolating WRF variables to a particular pressure level using WRF-Python

    Dear everyone, I want to extract some WRF variables (e.g., Geopotential height, wind variables, etc.) at a specific pressure level (e.g., 850 hPa). For extracting Geopotential Height at 850 hPa, I used the following WRF-Python code: # Extract pressure and z/height variables for time index 0 pres...
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    WRF postProcessing

    Hello,I'm doing a simulation of wrf-les coupling. The CFD tool used is sowfa, and in its examples, there is a case of coupling with wrf, where there is a program to extract data from wrf. But after I changed my filename, nHrs and nPerhrs. Running error : wrfout file does not have z and fc...
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    How to modify namelist.input?

    Hello everyone, I am working on the uncoupled wrf-hydro model with GFS data. For running the real.exe, I need to modify namelist.input. Can anyone suggest to me how can I modify the &physics part in namelist.input file? Thank you
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    Calculation of 2m and 10m variables in WRF output

    Hi, I am working with some WRF output and have realized that, even when the moving nested domains in the WRF simulation move past land masses, there is always a non-NaN output value for the 2-meter temperature and water vapor mixing ratio, as well as the 10-meter u- and v-wind. This leads me to...
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    SAG and SAV equals to Zero in VEGE_FLUX and BARE_FLUX subroutines within MODULE_SF_NOAHMPLSM?

    Good day colleagues, Out of curiosity, I have been trying to print out the values of SAG (Solar radiation absorbed by ground) and SAV (Solar radiation absorbed by vegetation) in the VEGE_FLUX and BARE_FLUX subroutines within the MODULE_SF_NOAHMPLSM using WRITE (6, *) 'SAV=', SAV, 'SAG=', SAG ...
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    Aviation Weather Parameters in WRF

    Good morning everyone, I was wondering if WRF output can help calculated some aviation weather parameters or if anyone knows how to calculate them with WRF python? I am looking for these parameters: - Freezeing Level - Cb potential - Turbulence potential Please let me know if you have any...
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    Save nested files with different number of levels

    Hi I'm running a 4 nested model with 64 levels with WRF version 4.4 I want to save all the levels in the wrfout files for d01,d02, and d03, but for d04 I want to keep the values from the surface to a given level (my estimate is that I would save 40 or 35 levels from those 64) I've been trying...
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    Transmit a variable from solve_em to a microphysics scheme

    Hello, I appreciate if anyone would like to help me out of this question, In my research we want to add a passive tracer in model. This part has been mentioned in forum,which is coded in dyn_em/solver_em. Then we want to see the effect of this passive tracer onnee the microphysical process...
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    Latent heat flux from QFX in WRF

    Hi, I am using WRF output from someone else and I want to calculate the surface latent heat flux. The output only contains QFX and not the LH variable. As far as I can tell from the WRF documentation on Github, QFX seems to be equal to LH divided by the latent heat of vaporization of water...
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    Accumulated precipitation in WRF

    Hi, I am new to the WRF model and am using someone else's data (so I don't have access to the namelist file etc.). I am wanting to examine how the accumulated precipitation varies during the simulation. I saw on some other posts that the variables to use for this are RAINC and RAINNC. However...
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    Generating (and perhaps extracting) global meteorological data from WRF - with compensation and/or co-authorship

    Hi all, I am not an atmospheric chemist, but I am an environmental modeler and wear multiple hats, including as a consultant. We have a project using a VOC/Ozone model around the globe, and so we are looking for global weather data. It appears WRF would be suitable, except for its learning...
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    WARNING: No channel points found for CHRTOUT

    Hi everyone, I was confused about the warning messages for a long time. I really appreciate it if anyone can provide some suggestions on fix it. I used wrf_hydro_arcgis processing tools to generate routing files. During the process, I added a cvs file that lists the location of each forecasting...
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    Not really sure how to use e_vert and stretching

    Good morning, Could someone please explain how to use e_Vert and the stretching variables? Like I have read the tutorials and I am still not sure how to use it properly. I have attached my namelist.input for someone to help me.
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    Reoccurring trend in WRF results (solved)

    Hi all, I'm not sure how to clearly describe my problem, but I have tried to take the mean value of my area and plot this over all the days I modelled to get a view of the season bond variations. However, as shown in the figure below, the same trend occurs 3 times in my output, which is...
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    input data for WRF-Hydro

    I am a beginner to the WRF-Hydro model. I would like to simulate groundwater for an Indian region. WRF-Hydro is providing the groundwater bucket parameter and in India in-situ groundwater level is available. My questions are: 1. How can I compare the WRF-hydro output (groundwater bucket...
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    WRF solar EPS

    Dear WRF solar community I'm a newbie to WRF solar EPS. I'm trying to run WRF SOLAR EPS in the reference configuration shown in WRF-Solar® EPS | Research Applications Laboratory. and default STOCHPERT.TBL file. I successfully ran few cases, But I could not find any output parameters...
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    timezone in WRF

    Hello. I'm beginner to the WRF model. I was wondering about the default timezone in WRF. If I use a UTC-based input, the output will be in UTC, no matter where the domain is located, right? So if the model start time is 00:00 UTC on 1 October 2021, will the solar insolation or altitude in the...
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    Is there a way to append file type to wrfout files?

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if there is a way to append the file type (ie .nc .grib) to the wrf output files as part of the nameslist? This would make it easier to do data analysis.
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    Use of Environment Variables to Direct History Output Files

    Hello, I'd like to know if it is possible to use an environment variable to direct the output files from wrf.exe and if so, what the syntax would be in the namelist file. I'm thinking of something like the following: &time_control ... history_outname =...