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wrf physics

  1. M

    module_sf_urban_Physics: WRF_URBAN

    Hello everyone, My simulation would run successfully without the Urban turned on, but when I turn on the Urban using BEP_BEM, it wont run and I get this error: At line 2372 of file module_sf_urban.f90 Fortran runtime error: Bad real number in item 1 of list input
  2. D

    Global Radiation

    Dear @Ming Chen, I am sorry for disturbing you. I want to get global radiation from the wrfout files. I saw your thread that it can be obtained SWDDIR and SWDDIF A question about SWDOWN (DOWNWARD SHORT WAVE FLUX AT GROUND SURFACE). However, I don't have these variables in the wrfout file, but...
  3. R

    how to only turn off BC radiative feedback?

    I want to study the effect of black carbon aerosol radiation feedback on O3, so I want to design an experiment to only turn off its radiation feedback. It seems that this cannot be done just by modifying namelist. What should I do?
  4. M

    Hail in Fast-SBM

    Dear WRF Users! How can I activate hail in Fast-SBM microphysics parameterization? I can run my simulations with graupel, using the same parameterization with 33 bins input. In this case, the hail is 0 for all grid points. I read that the hail can be simulated with 43 bins, but I do not know...
  5. A

    How to Implement Irrigation in WRF model?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a research to study how irrigation can influence some climate parameters in Egypt. I've already conducted a control, basic run using WRF v4.1.3. Now, I would like to introduce irrigation into the model. What my mentor is saying we could modify the Noah...
  6. D

    3 urban classes and WUDAPT

    Dear WRF community, I would appreciate it if someone could explain me the differences in using the simple 3 urban classes and WUDAPT generated LCZ. I understand that WUDAPT provides more detailed information about urban area providing around 10 urban classes. However, I would like to...
  7. Y

    Strange T2 in WRF v4.4.2 and v4.5 after reinitialization

    Hi all, I am using WRF-Chem v4.4.2 under a triple nested domain (36 km, 6 km, and 1 km) in August 2019. In 6 km and 1km simulations, there is a strange T2 cold bias after several hours of reinitialization. Consequently, simulations crash. I tested different versions of WRF from v4.1.4 to v4.5...
  8. S

    Global Irrigation maps in Noah-MP?

    Greetings, I am trying to use the Noah-MP irrigation routines which require information generated in geogrid. This works fine for U.S.-specific domains. However, I have a grid that extends from upstream of Hawaii and downstream through Western Africa. Hence, geogrid crashes presumably because...
  9. D

    Not really sure how to use e_vert and stretching

    Good morning, Could someone please explain how to use e_Vert and the stretching variables? Like I have read the tutorials and I am still not sure how to use it properly. I have attached my namelist.input for someone to help me.
  10. K

    I would like to inquire about Subgrid Scale for WRF-LES

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to select the Subgrid Scale type when simulating small-scale regions in WRF-LES? Is it in the namelist. input file? Looking forward to and thank you very much for your answers!
  11. Doulgas_secchi

    Setting runs with sf_ocean_physics (options 1 and 2) for domain with land and sea

    I was searching for sf_ocean_physics at the Forum and I found this thread: problems running WRF with sf_ocean_physics option 2. Is mentioned that options 1 and 2 doesn't recognize the difference between land and sea. Mr @jcarlosgm solved that masking and using a conditional. Can someone give me...
  12. M

    About how to use 3D ocean data to initialize WRF-3DPWP

    I wonder how to use 3D ocean data for WRF-3DPWP. Although the method to activate had been mentioned in the WRF user's guide, it didn't provide the details about how to input 3D ocean data (for example, satellite-observed SST and HYCOM subsurface reanalysis data) for WRF-3DPWP. The current...
  13. D

    e_vert & num_metgrid_levels

    In practice does e_vert need to be larger than num_metgrid_levels or can they be the same?
  14. U

    ICE Thickness/Accumulation - CANICE variable in the WRF

    Hi, I was actually facing difficulty in figuring out whether the CANICE(mm) output in WRF is incremental or cumulative(total ice accumulated from start till that particular time instant)? The reason why I am asking is because I ran a simulations for an ice storms and then after observing the...
  15. W

    Cold bias due to fresh snow?

    I am running 24hr forecasts initialized from GFS with NoahMP. Over areas of snow there is a very strong cold bias. I suspect this is because when the model is started it considers this snow to be new snow, even though it has been there for many months. Is that possible? Is there a way to fix or...
  16. D

    Updated Noah_MP LSM

    Good morning, I saw in a post today that Noah_MP got updated to v.50 Will this be added to the v4.5 of WRF?
  17. T

    Regarding the CLM4 in WRF

    Dear All, I am curious to know that the CLM4 is coupled with the WRF-ARW a long ago. Does it include the SNICAR (SNow and Ice Aerosol Radiation). It is mentioned in the official note that CLM4 is coupled with SNICAR (
  18. S

    Weird pixilated skin temperatures when using sf_ocean_physics = 1

    Greetings, I am able to stably run WRF version 4.1.3 for a full year with: sf_ocean_physics = 1, isftcflx = 1, oml_hml0 = 50 oml_gamma = 0.14. I can complete a full year simulation. However...
  19. J

    forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit 29, file ..../wrf-v4.0/test/r_11/LANDUSE.TBL

    Hi, dear administer. My WRF version is 4.0. My outermost domain is Shanxi, China and running time is 12 hours. I failed to run wrf.exe when submitting to compute node. The rsl file shows the following error and cannot run after modifying sf_urban. How can I solve this problem? Looking forward to...
  20. W

    WRF Restart Runs Fail When Mosaic Land Use Tiling Is On

    Hello, I am attempting to run nested (9km x 3km x 1km) urban simulations with the use of the mosaic landuse categories option. The simulation is stable and the output is realistic when I initialize and integrate the model forward in time. However, whenever my compute limit is reached and I...