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wrf physics

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    Doubt Related to Isfflx

    Dear Sir, At the time of using the Isfflx option Zero (0) or Two (2), Is it a thumb rule to put the PBL option as Zero? If we use other PBL options (instead of zero), Is it any problem? Thanks and Regards, Srinivas
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    The use of the cell perturbation method with WRF- LES in real-case simulation

    Dear members, Sorry, I'm very new to WRF-LES modeling. According to my observation data, I'm using WRFV4.3 to simulate the cumulus cloud that occurred over Naqu site on a specific day. I'm applying WRF-LES in real case simulation. I am supposed to use the stochastic cell perturbation method...
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    How does YSU PBL scheme work above PBL height?

    Hello, the YSU PBL scheme has the diffusivity coefficient Km scaling with (1 - z/h_pbl) where h_pbl is the diagnosed boundary layer height. What happens when z > h_pbl, say for shallow boundary layers? How is turbulent mixing modeled above the boundary layer? Thanks!
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    How is WRF output variable "T2" calculated?

    Hi, Im trying to determine whether WRF output variable "T2" is computed using the radiation schemes or heat fluxes/PBL schemes? If it is computed using the PBL schemes then would it be correct to say that it incorporates the effects of greenhouse gases emissivities since radiation is driving the...
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    Fitch parametrization (wind farm parameterization) issue

    Hi all, I am running WRF ARW 4.4.1 model in 3km resolution with wind farm parameterization option. I am running two runs with same configuration but one with turbines and one without in order to compare the results. When looking at difference in the wind speed, turbines causes strange noise in...
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    Dear WRF users I am using WRF version 4.0 and I am trying different PBL schemes. All of the schemes work except for QNSE scheme. The model crashes with a segmentation fault error when the radiation scheme is called. Seems like no issue with the radiation scheme, but more likely, that’s where...
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    Abnormal 2m temperature pattern with WRF V4.4.1

    Hello Everyone, After the WRF upgrade from V4.3.1 to V4.4.1, I get an unrealistic cold temperature pattern when heavy rains occur. The pattern is shown on the attached document. I have put on the cloud a complete set of files called "Saved_4.4.1-10-20-2022.tar.bz2" including namelists and the...
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    Does anthropogenic heat in SLUCM include industry or traffic?

    Dear all, I am wondering whether the AH in SLUCM includes industry and traffic. If not, what does the AH include in WRF then? Does anyone know where the code is? Also, in the URBPARM.TBL. The AH is 20/50/90 for Low-dens Res, Hi-dens Res, and Commercial. Are those numbers based on some specific...
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    Flag_impervious and flag_canopy=0 Error while executing real.exe (when used with Pleium-Xie land surface scheme)

    Dear WRF community, I am using WRF4.4with NCEP-GFS data(3hrly-0.25*0.25) was taken as input with a two domain and is testing with various physics options microphysics = 6(WSM6) ; ra _lw=3(CAM) ; ra_sw=3(CAM) pbl=5(MYNN2.5) sf_phy=7(Pleium-Xie) the error came as like this (which I couldnt able...
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    Zero values for turbulent kinetic energy (tke_pbl) while using MYNN 2.5 pbl scheme

    Hello everyone, I run wrf model v 4.3 and using MYNN level 2.5 pbl scheme , i am interested in tke_pbl but it is showing zero values for every level and i tried with different cases, again it gives zero values. what is the reason for this? &physics mp_physics = 6, 6, 6, ra_lw_physics = 1...
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    CONUS parameterization

    Hello, I'm working with WRF in a domain placed in Central America with a 160x100 cell grid of 5 km x 5 km resolution, two way nested with a smaller domain of 1 km x 1 km resolution. I want to use CONUS parameterization in both domains, but have questions about cu_physics, since Tidke option...
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    Urban scheme in nest domain affecting mother domain

    Dear WRF community, I am using WRF4.4 and is testing with the urban options. I have two domains and intend to use urban only for the nested domain. My made three tests: For test1: sf_urban_physics = 0, 0, For test2: sf_urban_physics = 0, 1, For...
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    TBOUND exceeds table limit reset wrf error

    Hello, My objective is to compare WRF-Urban optimum configuration for a tropical city. I was able to run WRF-BEP, WRF BEP/BEM and WRF-slab with fixed physics configurations. However, I encountered the error stated below in my WRF-SLUCM run. Pasted below is my rsl.error tail rrtm: TBOUND exceeds...
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    Issues with urban building variables

    I have two problems that I can't seem to figure out (using BEP and BEP+BEM). First, I want to add building data into the wrfinput file overwriting the data taken from the land use index (I am using NLCD). However, I can't get all the variables I need to overwrite to output in that file or the...
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    Running to Equilibrium - time & physics set up

    I am trying to put SST and ocean current data into WPS for the Gulf of Mexico, and then let the WRF model run to equilibrium. So, I don't want the systems to evolve. 1. How would I set this up in terms of time steps and boundary conditions? So they don't evolve? 2. Any physics recommendations...
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    Coupled and uncoupled tendency terms

    What is the difference between the coupled and uncoupled tendency terms? How is the coupled terms calculated?
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    WRF atmosphere energy budget

    Hi All, I am using WRF (WRFV4.4.1) to test the RCE case. The testcase "em_convrad" is used and no changes are made. After about 700 hrs of integration, I find that I can not close the energy budget of the atmosphere. 1. The way I calculated the energy budget is: Net energy at the bottom =...
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    Mixing Layer Temperature calculation in the ocean model

    Hi All, I am running WRF with the Mixing layer ocean model. I find that the ocean mixing layer temperature is calculated as (in phys/module_sf_oml.F/OML1D): if( .and. if( tml=max(t0ml - Gam*(h-h0) + 0.5*Gam*h + A2/h, tmoml) else...
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    Vegetation issues when using LCZs in WRF 4.4

    I have been running WRF at urban scale and have recently added a local climate zone map to my innermost domain. When looking at the output from test runs I have come across some issues with the vegetation parameters for the urban classes, the most glaring of which being that all the values are...
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    WRF slab ocean

    I am trying to do a regional climate run with WRF. Information provided below: Version: WRFV4.4.1 Case: em_convrad Changes made: 1. change the incoming solar radiation to 240 W/m2 and fix the solar zenith angle to 0 (mimic a tidally-locked exoplanet); 2. sf_ocean_physics = 1; oml_hml0 = 1...