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Hail in Fast-SBM


New member
Dear WRF Users!

How can I activate hail in Fast-SBM microphysics parameterization?

I can run my simulations with graupel, using the same parameterization with 33 bins input. In this case, the hail is 0 for all grid points. I read that the hail can be simulated with 43 bins, but I do not know how to activate it. Since it looks like do not have any flag in the namelist.input, I changed some values in the source code, but without success.

Any suggestions or help?

In case you haven't seen the following references, read through these to see if there is any useful information.

1) Read the comments in the top of the WRF/phys/module_mp_fast_sbm.F file - there are some descriptions about switching to hail.
2) Read the content in the commit for using 43 bins
3) In the commit message, there is a link to the literature for this scheme and updates. Take a look at that.