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    Cold Input Sounding

    Hi everyone, I am trying to reproduce this Thompson paper, "Explicit Forecasts of Winter Precipitation Using an Improved Bulk Microphysics Scheme. Part II: Implementation of a New Snow Parameterization," using the Thompson microphysics. My challenge right now is finding the right input-sounding...
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    Problem with wind and the change of vertical layers.

    Hello everyone, Sorry for my English. You'll see, I've run WRF with the default distribution of vertical layers (in my case, e_vert=35). For a better resolution in the lower layers, I set up the following distribution: eta_levels = 1.000, 0.998, 0.994, 0.990, 0.988, 0.982...
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    P3 microphysics scheme modification

    I want to make some changes to the MP P3 scheme based on some literature review I see in the phys folder there are four files for this scheme: module_mp_p3.F module_mp_p3.f90 module_mp_p3.mod module_mp_p3.o I started modifying the module_mp_p3.F file and left the others untouched. After...
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    Question about aerosol-aware thompson scheme with use_aero_icbc = .false.

    Hi all, I am running WRF model (version 4.2.2) using aerosol-aware thompson scheme (mp_physics=28) with use_aero_icbc = .false. In fact, I want to use this microphysics scheme in the context of a very low aerosol number concentration. Thus, I modify the naCCN0, naCCN1, naIN0 and naIN1 in...
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    Question about aerosol-aware thompson scheme

    Hello all, I am currently using the aerosol-aware thompson scheme to do some simulation work. But I have some doubts. I want to compare the effect of aerosols on meteorological elements (such as precipitation and temperature, etc.), so I need to carry out two experiments, one with aerosols...
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    Calculation about h_diabatic in subroutine moist_physics_finish_em

    Dear Sir or Madam, I looked in the code of subroutine moist_physics_finish_em in module_big_step_utilities_em.F file. According to the code, moist theta is updated by summation of the following terms: pre-microphysics moist theta, theta tendency times (1+1.61*post-microphysics Qv) and 1.61...
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    Unusual tiling in precipitation field while using WRF aerosol-aware microphysics scheme

    I am seeing unusual tiling in the precipitation field simulated by WRF aerosol microphysics scheme of Song and Zhang, 2011, i.e., mp_physics = 40, which is used together with cu_physics = 11. I have 3 domains in my simulations and tiling is happening in all three domains. I am using WRF V4.4...
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    Hail in Fast-SBM

    Dear WRF Users! How can I activate hail in Fast-SBM microphysics parameterization? I can run my simulations with graupel, using the same parameterization with 33 bins input. In this case, the hail is 0 for all grid points. I read that the hail can be simulated with 43 bins, but I do not know...