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Question about aerosol-aware thompson scheme


New member
Hello all,

I am currently using the aerosol-aware thompson scheme to do some simulation work. But I have some doubts. I want to compare the effect of aerosols on meteorological elements (such as precipitation and temperature, etc.), so I need to carry out two experiments, one with aerosols input data, and one without aerosols input data.

I am using the QNWFA_QNIFA_SIGMA_MONTHLY.dat as aerosols input, but I am having trouble when doing experiment without aerosol input. Should I use 8 or 28? These two options are one-moment and double-moment respectively, I think there may be some differences in the calculation process. If 28 is used, how should I set the namelist to ensure that the aerosol input provided to the model is 0?

p.s. I am using WRF-4.2.2 for simulations.

Any suggestion would be kind.