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Add EFFC variable to WRF-Chem output in morrison microphysics


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Hi all,

I want to output EFFC (Cloud droplet effective radius) to the WRF-Chem output file.

These are the steps I followed:

1. Added 'EFFC' in the MP_MORR_TWO_MOMENT subroutine in phys/module_mp_morr_two_moment.F file similar to rainprod/evapprod in line 575.
2. Added 'EFFC' in line 140 and added 'REAL, DIMENSION(ims:ime, kms:kme, jms:jme), INTENT(OUT):: EFFC' in line 580 in phys/module_microphysics_driver.F.
3. Added EFFC=grid%EFFC in line 3830 in dyn_em/solve_em.F.
4. Added
state real EFFC ikj misc 1 - \
h "EFFC" "Cloud droplet effective radius" "um"
in Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON file.

Recompiled by ./compile em_real.

Now I am getting EFFC in the model output, but the spatial pattern are not looking good. They are coming like few lines on the boundaries of the domain.
Please find the figures attached.

The run was only for a day (25 timesteps) to check if EFFC was generated in the output.

What could be the issue? Am I doing the code changes correctly?

Looking forward to any kind of help.

Thank you


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