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    WRF-CHEM w/kpp && WRF-CHEMDA v4.6.0 - Intel LLVM Compilers

    Hello admins @islas @weiwang @kwerner @jordanschnell , With the release of WRF v4.6.0, I have conducted a series of evaluations on the Weather Research and Forecasting Model Chemistry (WRF-Chem) version 4.6.0, utilizing the Intel LLVM Compilers and associated libraries. The purpose of these...
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    WRFDA 3DVar cycle assimilation of PM2.5 and PM10 seems to have restarted at the second moment

    Hello everyone: When I was working on the cycle mode of WRFDA, I conducted data assimilation at 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, and 18:00 respectively. I found that after completing the assimilation at 6:00 and linking to the WRF running directory, the namelist should be integrated from 6:00 to 12:00...
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    In MOZCART mechanism the PM2_5_DRY and PM10 variables in the first output wrfout file will always be 0, and also the P10 and P25

    Hi,all! I have used the MOZCART(chem_opt=112) mechanism to stimulate a case. However, I found that the PM2_5_DRY and PM10 variables in the first output wrfout file will always be 0, and also the P10 and P25. I have checked the initial condition file and boundary file of my stimulation. The...
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    How to run WRF_VPRM in WRF4.3?

    Hi guys, I'm currently learning to use WRF_VPRM. I carefully read the WRF_GHG manual and the WRF-CHEM user guide 4.4. But I have a question now, I use WRF-CHEM version 4.3, I hope to be able to run WRF-VPRM with chem_opt=16, use VPRM to provide fluxes and combine with other lists to calculate...
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    WRFCHEMV3.9.1.1 generates huge wrfbdy file

    I used the same settings and files for ten days for real.exe and the wrfbdy file generated in V4.5.2 was only 7GB, but in V3.9.1.1 it reached 34GB! What caused it?
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    How to use VPRMpreproc results to run WRF_CHEM in auxinput15

    Hi, guys, I hope I can get your help. At present, I have successfully completed the operation of VPRMpreproc program, and got seven related parameters, such as LSWI, LSWI_max/min, EVI, EVI_max/min and vegetation_fraction_map. But these seven parameters are divided into seven files. So, my...
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    Hey,I have a question about complie WRC-ChemV4.5

    Here are the details. When I try to compile the WRF-ChemV4.5, alwsys failed to find the four .exe in mian. Thins is my /.bashrc and I will post other files in attachment. As you can see in errors_comp.txt , there are some mistakes "‘ Makefile:50: warning: overriding recipe for target `.F.o'...
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    How to use wrf-chem to simulate dimenthly sulfide(DMS)

    Dear WRF-Chem officials I want to use WRF-Chem to simulate DMS and its impact on air quality. Although the user manuals do include some information about DMS, I still have many questions. As many articles mentioned, the sources of DMS include 3 main aspects: oceanic, anthropogenic and...
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    WRF-Chem tutorial 1 missing namelist.wps

    On this webpage Under exercise 1. There is only one option to download a namelist.input file. However, to run the WPS commands you need a namelist.wps. Did the link get removed by mistake @jordanschnell
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    How to download WRF-CHEM tutorial data exercise 1 - 4

    Hello, This is a tutorial that will show step by step how to download the WRF-CHEM tutorial data located on the ftp site. Step 1: Open a new terminal window Step 2. Make a new folder called WRF-Chem-Tutorials mkdir WRF-CHEM-Tutorials Step 3. Move to the new folder created in the terminal...
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    open_aux_u : error opening wrffirechemi_d01_2020-02-01_00:00:00 for reading. 100

    I run the RUN.exe with no error . But when i look the rsl.error.000 I get one error don't make the run error but make its result not exact. open_aux_u : error opening wrffirechemi_d01_2020-02-01_00:00:00 for reading. 100 Have any friends meet this question? I really need your help ...
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    WRF-Chem v3.9.1 has trouble compiling on derecho

    My WRF-Chem v3.9.1 used to compile successfully on Cheyenne. However, it is encountering compilation issues since the system was changed to Derecho. I have made changes to the WRF-Chem v3.9.1 code, so I cannot use a newer version of WRF. Here are the modules and directories loaded before...
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    which variables are the mixture ratio of sulfate and black carbon

    Greetings. Could someone please tell me what variables are the mixture ratio of sulfate and black carbon simulated by wrf-chem model? Are they so4_a0X and bc_a0X? But which bin should I choose? Thank you in advance.
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    WRF-Chem running error, can not read wrfchemi

    Hi, everybody I use meic2wrf to make wrfchemi, but when I run WRF-ChemV4.5.2, I found that it reports an error Error trying to read metadata, and then it's still running normally after that, but only the information of the weather variable is in the wrfout, and I would like to know what I...
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    WRF_VPRM vprmpreproc

    Hi sir, Now I'm trying to run the preprocessor in WRF_VPRM using the version VPRMpreproc_LCC_R99. When I run it, part of the program is SMOOTHING: loess filtering. Now I want to know, can this smoothing step be skipped directly, and if not, do I need to provide data other than the MODIS data...
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    Running WRF with Future CMIP6 DATA

    Hello, We are trying to run WRF-CHEM simulations using CMIP6 data from future predictions. We were wondering if there is any way to include fire emission ( future fire emission) data in our runs. Thank you very much in advance, Polyvios
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    Adding an emission of a new chemical

    Hi, I am trying to add in new chemicals into WRF-Chem. To do this, I Copied and renamed a chemical mechanism from the KPP (in my case, it was RADM2_KPP) I renamed the files inside my new chemical mechanism to reflect the new name I adjusted the chemical equation file to reflect the chemical...
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    WRF CHEM 4.4.2 -- Simulation stops when using Single Layer Urban Canopy Model (forrtl: severe: SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred)

    Dear community, I have been trying to run WRF CHEM simulation using the single layer UCM (sf_urban_physics = 1), like the title says. However, no matter what I try the simulation stops after some period of time. I have conducted successful simulations using no urban (sf_urban_physics = 0) or...
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    How to add heating rate as a variable in the WRF output file

    Hello all, I want to add atmospheric heating rate as a variable in the WRF output files (i.e., 'wrfout_d0*' files). I have gone through a previous forum conversation (Output the atmospheric heating rate) and after considering the suggestions available in that conversation, I made a iofields file...
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    Add new reactions in the gas phase in WRF-Chem (for example in WRF/chem/KPP/mechanisms/saprc99/)

    Dear all, I have problems in how to add new reactions in the gas phase in WRF-Chem? I want to add new reactions in saprc99.eqn. What revisions should I make? Are some revisions made automatically by the KPP methods in WRF-Chem? Could someone with relevant experiences help me with this problem...