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WRF-Chem running error, can not read wrfchemi


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Hi, everybody

I use meic2wrf to make wrfchemi, but when I run WRF-ChemV4.5.2, I found that it reports an error Error trying to read metadata, and then it's still running normally after that, but only the information of the weather variable is in the wrfout, and I would like to know what I should do to change my model!

start_domain_em: numgas = 44
mediation_integrate.G 1242 DATASET=HISTORY
mediation_integrate.G 1243 grid%id 1 grid%oid 1
Timing for Writing wrfout_d01_2024-03-01_00:00:00 for domain 1: 2.56127 elapsed seconds
Timing for Writing wrf_specify_vars_pl_d01_2024-03-01_00:00:00 for domain 1: 0.08238 elapsed seconds
mediation_integrate: med_read_wrf_chem_emissions: Open file wrfchemi_00z_d01
mediation_integrate: med_read_wrf_chem_emissions: Read emissions for time 2024-03-01_00:00:00
d01 2024-03-01_00:00:00 Error trying to read metadata
d01 2024-03-01_00:00:00 Input data is acceptable to use: wrfchemi_00z_d01
**WARNING** Time in input file not being checked **WARNING**
d01 2024-03-01_00:00:00 Input data is acceptable to use: wrfbdy_d01Timing for processing lateral boundary for domain 1: 0.15061 elapsed seconds
Here is my namelist.input with rsl.error.0000
Thank you all!


  • rsl.error.0000
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  • namelist.input
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The running cases MAY NOT stopped due to the **WARNING** messages.
The possible solution is the chemistry setting or resolution for your cases.
you can do the follow experiment for debuging:
1) change a different mechanism ( chem_opt=170 or etc. for TshingHua Univ. MEIC emission with meic2wrf tools) .
2) change your dx and vert layers.
Good luck~
You can use
ignore_iofields_warning             = .true.,
under &time_control to see if that would allow you to run by ignoring the warnings. However, I would still look into the warnings to determine if those are critical or not once it runs.