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wrf-chem emissions

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    How to use wrf-chem to simulate dimenthly sulfide(DMS)

    Dear WRF-Chem officials I want to use WRF-Chem to simulate DMS and its impact on air quality. Although the user manuals do include some information about DMS, I still have many questions. As many articles mentioned, the sources of DMS include 3 main aspects: oceanic, anthropogenic and...
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    WRF-Chem tutorial 1 missing namelist.wps

    On this webpage Under exercise 1. There is only one option to download a namelist.input file. However, to run the WPS commands you need a namelist.wps. Did the link get removed by mistake @jordanschnell
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    How to download WRF-CHEM tutorial data exercise 1 - 4

    Hello, This is a tutorial that will show step by step how to download the WRF-CHEM tutorial data located on the ftp site. Step 1: Open a new terminal window Step 2. Make a new folder called WRF-Chem-Tutorials mkdir WRF-CHEM-Tutorials Step 3. Move to the new folder created in the terminal...
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    WRF-Chem running error, can not read wrfchemi

    Hi, everybody I use meic2wrf to make wrfchemi, but when I run WRF-ChemV4.5.2, I found that it reports an error Error trying to read metadata, and then it's still running normally after that, but only the information of the weather variable is in the wrfout, and I would like to know what I...
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    I can't use multithreading to run wrf-chem, but single thread is ok.

    Hello, everyone! I encountered problems when running wrf.exe in WRF-4.4.1. I used anthro_emis to process edgar data and mozbc to optimize chemical boundary. I successfully ran wrf.exe with a single thread, but it can't work with more than two threads. Attached are the namelist.input and...
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    Adding an emission of a new chemical

    Hi, I am trying to add in new chemicals into WRF-Chem. To do this, I Copied and renamed a chemical mechanism from the KPP (in my case, it was RADM2_KPP) I renamed the files inside my new chemical mechanism to reflect the new name I adjusted the chemical equation file to reflect the chemical...
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    Facing Rosenbrock solver step size too small issue when running WRF.exe

    Hi, everyone. I am new to WRF-Chem. I am following a tutorial video from youtube and try to run wrfchem with emission data. But I cannot get the result when I am running wrf.exe The attachments are my namelist.input and namelist.wps. I am using ubuntu22.02 in WSL. I have tried to use other...
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    WRF CHEM 4.4.2 -- Simulation stops when using Single Layer Urban Canopy Model (forrtl: severe: SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred)

    Dear community, I have been trying to run WRF CHEM simulation using the single layer UCM (sf_urban_physics = 1), like the title says. However, no matter what I try the simulation stops after some period of time. I have conducted successful simulations using no urban (sf_urban_physics = 0) or...
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    Query on the mapping of aerosol species in mozbc input file for RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemical mechanism while using CAM-Chem output for chemical IC/BC

    Dear everyone, I ran WRF-Chem successfully with the RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry option (chem_opt=11) using MOZART4 data to include chemical IC/BC in the wrfbdy and wrfinput files. But the MOZART4 data is not available after January 21, 2018. So, to simulate the recent periods, I have to use the...
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    Edit WRF dust emission and transportation scheme.

    Dear reader, For my MSc thesis i'm using WRF to model the emission and transport of dust polluted with microplastics. I'm using the AFWA dust emission scheme and the GOCART dust transportation scheme. Due to the microplastics having a different shape, size and density when compared to the dust...
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    Query regarding the calculation of Aerosol-Cloud Interaction using WRF-Chem

    Dear all, I have a small query regarding the computation of the perturbation in atmospheric variables due to aerosol-cloud interaction (ACI) using the WRF-Chem model. In the case of aerosol-radiation interaction (ARI), the perturbation in atmospheric parameters can be computed by taking the...
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    wrf-chem tutorial exercise 1:after running real.exe,when l used nvciew viewing wrfinput_d01,the value of dust_1 is all 0.

    i wonder why this happens ?how can i solve this problems? namelist.input is below. thank you very much!
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    The wrfout file does not contain any aerosol concentration variables

    Hi everyone, I want to perform WRF-Chem simulations with MOSAIC options to study aerosol mass and number concentrations in each bin. The wrfout** file does not contain any aerosol concentration variables. I am wondering if there is errors in the namelist settings (namelist.input) and...
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    What are the definition of pcg1_b_c, pcg1_f_c etc

    Dear All I am trying to understand the variables used for biomass emissions. In chem/emissions_driver.F, we have the following lines 1. What does 'pcg' stand for? 2. Is it correct that '_b_' and '_f_' are for biomass and fossil, and '_c_' and '_o_' are for C and O components, respectively...
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    Research positions open at IIT Bombay

    We have a few positions at IIT Bombay that we seek to fill quite urgently under a newly funded project (PAVITRA—Air Pollution Management and Intervention Tool for India). Please see the job profile, and interested candidates may kindly apply through the below link: 1. Project Research...
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    Can WRF-Chem apply to Antarctica?

    Hi everyone, My current research efforts concern the study of nitrate levels in Antarctica by WRF-Chem 4.4.2. (chem_opt = 202). Nevertheless, the current modeling results are significantly lower than our observed data. It is possible that the discrepancy is caused by the emission inventory used...
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    Error in running WRF-Chem using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM after making boundary conditions for nested domain using ndown

    Hello everyone, I gave a WRF-Chem run of the direct effect using the RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry option. The thing is, the simulation of the parent domain was completed successfully without throwing any errors or warnings. But when I gave a simulation for the nested domain after including...
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    Large total optical depth warnings in running WRF-Chem while using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry option (chem_opt=11)

    Dear all, I am running WRF-Chem (version using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM, including aqueous reactions (chem_opt=11). I have successfully prepared anthropogenic emission input data from the EDGAR v5 MOZART dataset using anthro_emis, biogenic emission input data from the MEGAN dataset using...
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    WRF-Chem could not find matching time in wrfchemi_ for new day

    Hi all, new WRF-Chem user and first time poster. My three day, four nested domain simulation runs for the first 24 h (2023-02-22), then fails to move onto the next day, with the following error. ERROR: Could not find matching time in input file wrfchemi_d01_2023-02-22_00:00:00 It should...
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    Segmentation fault with MOZCART and Finn

    Hello all, I am using FINNv2.5 for a biomass burning simulation with WRF-Chem v 4.4.1 using MOZCART. I have attached my namelist and rsl file. However, I am running into a segmentation fault that I do not understand how to fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is part of the error...