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What are the definition of pcg1_b_c, pcg1_f_c etc


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Dear All

I am trying to understand the variables used for biomass emissions.
In chem/emissions_driver.F, we have the following lines
chem(i,k,j,p_pcg1_b_c) = chem(i,k,j,p_pcg1_b_c) &
chem(i,k,j,p_pcg2_b_c) = chem(i,k,j,p_pcg2_b_c) &
chem(i,k,j,p_pcg1_f_c) = chem(i,k,j,p_pcg1_f_c) &
chem(i,k,j,p_pcg2_f_c) = chem(i,k,j,p_pcg2_f_c) &
chem(i,k,j,p_pcg1_b_o) = chem(i,k,j,p_pcg1_b_o) &
chem(i,k,j,p_pcg2_b_o) = chem(i,k,j,p_pcg2_b_o) &
chem(i,k,j,p_pcg1_f_o) = chem(i,k,j,p_pcg1_f_o) &
chem(i,k,j,p_pcg2_f_o) = chem(i,k,j,p_pcg2_f_o) &

1. What does 'pcg' stand for?
2. Is it correct that '_b_' and '_f_' are for biomass and fossil, and '_c_' and '_o_' are for C and O components, respectively?
3. All the coefficients at the end (1.17, 7.605, 0.40, etc). What are they and how are they calculated?

I have been searching for the answers to these question on internet for a long time,
But I have not been able to find any.
Can anyone explain what they are? and maybe give me some references these calculations are based on?

I really appreciate if I can get some info on these questions.

Thank you in advance,
Hi onish,
I chose the SAPRC-MOSAIC-vbs2(198) and got these variables in the wrfout too. Do you find out what are they now? Could you please share with me? Thanks!