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compilation error in building WRF-chem within COAWST


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Dear all,
I'm using COAWST v3.7 (WRF v4.1) and want to compile WRF-chem and KPP, howerver I have problems in buiding executables. I've successfully ran WRF without chem. Here is the log file, Additionally, here are part of my enviroment settings in bashrc file:
### flex
export PATH=/home/coawst/Build_COAWST/LIBRARIES/flex/bin:$PATH
export FLEX=/home/coawst/Build_COAWST/LIBRARIES/flex/bin/flex
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/coawst/Build_COAWST/LIBRARIES/flex/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

### byacc
export PATH=/usr/bin/byacc:$PATH
export YACC='/usr/bin/byacc -d'

### wrf-chem
export EM_CORE=1
export NMM_CORE=0
export WRF_CHEM=1
export WRF_KPP=1
export KPP_HOME=/home/coawst/Build_COAWST/COAWST/WRF/chem/KPP/kpp/kpp-2.1
export PATH=$KPP_HOME/bin:$PATH
export SED=/bin/sed


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