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Calculation about h_diabatic in subroutine moist_physics_finish_em

Xiaomao Mo

New member
Dear Sir or Madam,

I looked in the code of subroutine moist_physics_finish_em in module_big_step_utilities_em.F file. According to the code, moist theta is updated by summation of the following terms: pre-microphysics moist theta, theta tendency times (1+1.61*post-microphysics Qv) and 1.61 times water vapor mixing ratio tendency times post-microphysics theta. And h_diabatic is equal to summation of the last two terms divided by time step.

I have a question about the last term. Should it use pre-microphysics theta instead of post-microphysics theta for calculation?

I upload a picture about my derivation of moist theta tendency, because I'm afraid I'm unable to make myself clear and I don't know how to insert formula here. Could you help me verify whether it has problems?
Thank you for any help!

Wenbin Chen