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P3 microphysics scheme modification


New member
I want to make some changes to the MP P3 scheme based on some literature review

I see in the phys folder there are four files for this scheme: module_mp_p3.F module_mp_p3.f90 module_mp_p3.mod module_mp_p3.o

I started modifying the module_mp_p3.F file and left the others untouched. After that, I just ran my case but I see no changes in the results.

Do I have to modify the f90 file too? do I have to recompile (and how)?

I am not sure how to proceed now and ideas will be helpful

You only need to modify module_mp_p3.F, then recompile WRF by ./compile em_real. In this case only the code you modified will be recompiled. Note that you never need to modify .f90 code because it is derived from .F when the code is compiling.

Keep in mind that anytime you modify a code, you need to recompile WRF.