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module_sf_urban_Physics: WRF_URBAN


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Hello everyone, My simulation would run successfully without the Urban turned on, but when I turn on the Urban using BEP_BEM, it wont run and I get this error:

At line 2372 of file module_sf_urban.f90
Fortran runtime error: Bad real number in item 1 of list input
Would you please upload your namelist.wps and namelist.input for me to take a look?

For the failed case, did the model crashed immediately ?
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Thank You so much, this case seem to be fixed, Turns out i may have messed up the URBPARM.TBL. I re-ran the model without modifying the URBANPARM.TBL and it was successful. I will carefully do the modification and re-try, if it persists, I will send my namelists
Hello everyone, Please I am modifying the URBPARM.TBL : i want to use the "High Density Residential and categorize 20% OF Building heights at 10m, 60% at 15m and 20% at 20m. I am a bit confused how to go about the modification as I saw Building Heights 1, Building Heights 2 and Building Height 3. should i modify everything or i just have to modify just the first one?
The three urban types used in URBPARM.TBL are " Low-dens Res, Hi-dens Res, Commercial". If you want modify data related to high density residential, you will need to modify the 2nd one, i.e., Building height 2.