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    How does the WRF BEP/BEM considers urban Anthropogenic heat?

    Dear community, To the best of my knowledge, I think the SLUCM considers anthropogenic heat by giving a heat source term to each urban category(e.g., 20W/m2 for subruban category). and the BEP/BEM calculate the heat emission from air conditioner (AC). My questions are: 1. Does BEP/BEM...
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    Hello experts, I ran two simulations with sf_urban_physics = 0 and sf_urban_physics = 1 (SLUCM), I coupled both with Noah LSM, Please I will like to know how Noah calculates the skin surface temperature for both. I took a look at the module_sf_noahlsm.F code but i do not have clarity on it, I...
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    WRF CHEM 4.4.2 -- Simulation stops when using Single Layer Urban Canopy Model (forrtl: severe: SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred)

    Dear community, I have been trying to run WRF CHEM simulation using the single layer UCM (sf_urban_physics = 1), like the title says. However, no matter what I try the simulation stops after some period of time. I have conducted successful simulations using no urban (sf_urban_physics = 0) or...
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    Missing FRC_URB2D values over Cyprus using cglc-modis-lcz_100m dataset

    Dear WRF Expert, I'm running the model over Cyprus using three one-way nested domains at 12, 3, and 1 km, respectively. I'm considering the sf_urban_physics = 2 and the hybrid 100-m global land cover dataset with Local Climate Zones. To use this dataset, I followed the instructions provided...
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    CFL error while running WRF-ARW

    Hello everyone, I'm running some simulations with WRF version 4.5.1 coupled with sf_urban_physics = 2 and bl_pbl_physics = 8 for three one-way nested domains for a month. Initially, I defined the eta levels with auto_levels_opt = 2, dzbot = 35, dzstretch_s = 1.3, and dzstretch_u = 1.1. This way...
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    Failed run WRF-Chem with LCZ and urban canopy scheme.

    Hi all, I tried to run WRF-Chem with LCZ and urban canopy scheme, but it failed. The attachments are namelist.input, namelist.wps, and rsl.error.* files. Please note that: 1. I tried to run WRF-Chem with default land use and it was successful. 2. I tried to run WRF-Chem with LCZ land use...
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    Green roof soil moisture

    Dear WRF community, I have a question about soil moisture in the green roof option. I would highly appreciate it if someone could help me. For single layer UCM (SLUCM), how can I change the initial soil moisture of green roofs? While green roof properties for SLUCM are specified in...
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    Daytime temperatures in Clay in Soil texture

    I am currently studying the heat island of Bangkok, Thailand as part of a Southeast Asian urban climate research. This study uses WRF versions 4.2.2 and 4.3.3. Also, Noah LSM and Single layer UCM are used. I have run simulations on many cases, but the simulations do not reproduce the daytime...
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    TC_URB vs T_2m

    Hi, I have run WRF with the SLUCM and I am just interested in understanding the variable urban canopy Temperature (TC_URB)? and whether the 2m temperature is calculated the same way as without the urban canopy model?
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    [SOLVED] Segfault for WRF V4.5 with the new hybrid 100-m MODIS-LCZ dataset using SLUCM urban physics

    Hi, I came across segfault for WRF 4.5 using the new modis-lcz dataset under SLUCM urban physics. The segfault always happen at 1 of the 72 cores in Cheyenne. From the error log it seems that the segfault happens during avgflx at solve_em.F. I cannot pinpoint how it happens without any...
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    Can we use urban 3D data in WRF

    Hi, everyone. Recently I have a question. That is, if I have a gridded dataset of urban building height. How can I use it when I run a WRF simulation? As I know, we re allowed to replace the land use and land cover (LULC) data. Is there a similar way to deal with urban 3D data? Now only...
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    Where can I find "Urbanized-WRF" or "WRF-Urban"?

    Hello all, My name is Young. I'm a grad student who just started learning WRF. My goal is to analyze Urban Heat Island effect with WRF, and I recently installed WRF-ARW 4.5 in my Linux successfully i. I'm still figuring out the next step- preparing an LCZ map of my ROI and others that is...
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    [SOLVED] Running WRF V-4.5 with the new hybrid 100-m global land cover dataset with Local Climate Zones and MLUCM BEP

    Hello. I'm trying to run the latest version of the WRF model by implementing the hybrid 100-m global land cover coupled with the BEP urban parameterization. I have 3 nested domains with 12 km, 4km, and 1km horizontal resolution, respectively. Unfortunately, during the simulation of the first...
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    (RESOLVED) WRF Single-layer, UCM crashed

    I ran a case in WRFv4.4.2, which was a 15 km run using Noah-MP land surface model. Simulation for SF_URBAN_PHYSICS = 1, Single-layer UCM in the Southeast United States. Simulation started from 2015-08-02 00Z and plan to end at 2015-08-10 00Z The run crashed at 2015-08-03_14:30:00Z due to NaN...
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    Error when using LCZ in WRFV4.5

    Hi all, Im trying to use the WUDAPT LCZ to upgrade the urban landuse in WRFV4.5. According to the recent update log, the lu_index from 31-41 is changed to 51-61. So I used w2w to generate the LCZ geo files and then modified the lLU_INDEX in the geo_em.d0*. The metgrid.exe and real.exe is...
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    Is it possible to set green roofs for specific areas in the WRF-urban?

    Dear WRF team, I am using WRF to simulate the cooling effect of green roofs in the city, but I found that I can only set the same green roof coverage for a certain category of LCZ separately in URBPARM_LCZ.TBL. This does not meet my needs because the green roof coverage may also be different...
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    module_sf_urban_Physics: WRF_URBAN

    Hello everyone, My simulation would run successfully without the Urban turned on, but when I turn on the Urban using BEP_BEM, it wont run and I get this error: At line 2372 of file module_sf_urban.f90 Fortran runtime error: Bad real number in item 1 of list input
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    forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit 29, file ..../wrf-v4.0/test/r_11/LANDUSE.TBL

    Hi, dear administer. My WRF version is 4.0. My outermost domain is Shanxi, China and running time is 12 hours. I failed to run wrf.exe when submitting to compute node. The rsl file shows the following error and cannot run after modifying sf_urban. How can I solve this problem? Looking forward to...
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    WRF Restart Runs Fail When Mosaic Land Use Tiling Is On

    Hello, I am attempting to run nested (9km x 3km x 1km) urban simulations with the use of the mosaic landuse categories option. The simulation is stable and the output is realistic when I initialize and integrate the model forward in time. However, whenever my compute limit is reached and I...
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    how to output energy consumption and carbon emissions from BEM

    I understand that it is possible to output carbon emissions, energy consumption (including electricity, gas, water, etc.) from the WRF BEM result, like set up the parameters of bldg_physics, but I cannot set the output parameters in namelist.input and correctly run real.exe. Is it because using...