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Green roof soil moisture


Dear WRF community,

I have a question about soil moisture in the green roof option. I would highly appreciate it if someone could help me.

For single layer UCM (SLUCM), how can I change the initial soil moisture of green roofs?
While green roof properties for SLUCM are specified in WRF/phys/module_sf_urban.F at master · wrf-model/WRF (such as saturation soil moisture, wilting point, reference soil moisture and residual soil moisture) I found some studies mentioning that the default initial soil moisture for green roofs is 0.20 m3 m−3 for SLUCM. Therefore, I have a question about whether there is additional file, specifying the green roof properties (Soil moisture)

Thank you!

Ming Chen

Staff member
Hi, Din19,
All the parameters for green roof in UCM are hard-coded in the code "module_sf_urban.F". There is no extra file that provides such information.