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wrf physics

  1. A

    Coupled and uncoupled tendency terms

    What is the difference between the coupled and uncoupled tendency terms? How is the coupled terms calculated?
  2. L

    WRF atmosphere energy budget

    Hi All, I am using WRF (WRFV4.4.1) to test the RCE case. The testcase "em_convrad" is used and no changes are made. After about 700 hrs of integration, I find that I can not close the energy budget of the atmosphere. 1. The way I calculated the energy budget is: Net energy at the bottom =...
  3. L

    Mixing Layer Temperature calculation in the ocean model

    Hi All, I am running WRF with the Mixing layer ocean model. I find that the ocean mixing layer temperature is calculated as (in phys/module_sf_oml.F/OML1D): if( .and. if( tml=max(t0ml - Gam*(h-h0) + 0.5*Gam*h + A2/h, tmoml) else...
  4. R

    Vegetation issues when using LCZs in WRF 4.4

    I have been running WRF at urban scale and have recently added a local climate zone map to my innermost domain. When looking at the output from test runs I have come across some issues with the vegetation parameters for the urban classes, the most glaring of which being that all the values are...
  5. L

    WRF slab ocean

    I am trying to do a regional climate run with WRF. Information provided below: Version: WRFV4.4.1 Case: em_convrad Changes made: 1. change the incoming solar radiation to 240 W/m2 and fix the solar zenith angle to 0 (mimic a tidally-locked exoplanet); 2. sf_ocean_physics = 1; oml_hml0 = 1...
  6. L

    WRF-4.4 modified URBPARM_LCZ.TBL doesn't work

    Hello everyone, 1.When I modified the URBPARM_LCZ.TBL parameter, it did not work. I need to modify the FRC_URB2D parameter and BUILD_HEIGHT parameter. In URBPARM_LCZ.TBL, set FRC_URB2D to 0.1 and BUILD_HEIGHT to 5, but the FRC_URB2D variable and BUILD_HEIGHT variable in the wrfout file is as...
  7. Y

    Doubt related to CCNTY

    Dear Sir/Madam, To my knowledge, aerosol information is not included in WRF single momentum (SM) microphysical schemes. So, 1. Is the CCNTY option work in WRF-chem? or normal WRF? 2. Is the CCNTY option work within single momentum...
  8. S

    WRF-SCM bottom heat flux setting

    Hi, I am new to WRF-SCM and I am having some trivial questions about the Single Column Model. I want to compare the simulation results of different boundary layer parameterization schemes using the WRF-SCM model. For this purpose I want to set a constant heat flux in the surface layer, but I...
  9. W

    WRF 4.3 output the value of AFWA_VIS was too unreasonable.

    Hello, I want to use &AFWA to calculate the visibility. In the model output file, the values of the AFWA_VIS was 10 times approximately as large as the GFS 0.25° dataset and observation data in my study area, especially on land. I used different combinations of physical schemes, however the...
  10. george_victor

    Confusing values for 2m Temperature (T2), Potential temperature (2m) and heat flux (HFX)

    Hi! I was making 2 sensitivity WRF simulations over ICE COVERED OCEAN. The focus was on atmosphere-ocean boundary layer. Following details/parameterizations were kept same for both simulations: The duration of simulation was 2 days. There were 4 domains nested one over the other. Resolutions of...
  11. G

    Limitation in Road Width Parameter on the Urban Canopy Model

    I'm trying to run the WRF coupled to the Urban Canopy Model (Initially, with the SLUCM and later with the BEP and BEP+BEM) on the metropolitan region of São Paulo with LCZ, however the WRF stops without giving an error warning. # ZR: Roof level (building height) [ m ] (sf_urban_physics=1)...
  12. K

    Dependency of Coriolis force on stand_lon

    Hello, I have some confusion about the calculation of the momentum tendencies in WRF due to Coriolis forces. The equations show a dependency on sin(alpha) and cos(alpha) where alpha, if I understand correctly, is the grid point longitude measured from the user defined stand_lon. If this is...
  13. Y

    sensible heat flux calculated by Noah-LSM coupled with BEP_BEM

    Dear all Recently, I read the code in module_sf_noahdrv.F and felt confused about the sensible heat flux calculated by Noah-LSM coupled with BEP_BEM. Firstly, according to the code from the Call urban part as follows, ALBEDO(I,J) =...
  14. O

    Hill2d - idealized case

    Hi, I am in need of help urgently. I am stuck at this point trying to modify the hill2d test case, my main goal is to have this test case contain some attributes of snow. that is to make the mountain snow, so far I haven't been able to achieve that since I don't know which Microphysics...
  15. S

    real error - Segmentation fault - Runs for One type for physics but not Another

    I have been trying to run ERA5 data (single levels and pressure levels) for the past 2 weeks, but unsuccessful in real.exe for one physics suite but not for another. Idont understand where i am wrong. The error i encounter is as follows: taskid: 0 hostname:
  16. S

    Distribution of Local Climate Zone Map

    Dear Colleagues, After interpolating the geographical static data generated by WUDAPT, namely the Local Climate Zone map of a city, it divides the urban areas into 17 classifications, how the WRF handles the map that has different fractions for the 17 zones (please note that the map has a...
  17. H

    Drifting temperature 2m

    Dear all I am running WRF4.3.2 (and also WRF4.4) using WUDAPT's local climate zones (LCZ) and detailed land use classification generated using W2W application. I am modeling a large metro area evaluating model performance for wind speed and temperature near surface (U10, V10, T2 variables). I...
  18. G

    Crash in surface energy budget

    Hi guys, I have a question on surface layer parameter. When temperature get higher (around 30°C) then the model stops because of crash in surface energy budget. We already tried to solve the problem with the timestep but the problem still occurs. We are currently using surface-layer option =...
  19. N

    Tables in WRF/test/em_real

    I am trying to understand how the tables in WRF are used (The tables located in em_real, such as LANDUSE.TBL and URBPARM.TBL). Under what circumstances does WRF use these tables (what settings need to be turned on)? Where in the flow of WRF are the tables used? Is there documentation for the use...
  20. C

    Modelling over complex terrain at high altitude

    I want to set up a model over a complex terrain at high altitude (between 3000m and 5000m). The main problem here is that sometimes the surface wind field is forced by the model to make a wind direction daily cycle, instead of one steady direction (mainly from the north). So, I most of the time...