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wrf physics

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    isftcflx physics option to call znot_m_v8(uref, znotm) subroutine

    Hi all, I would like to know which isftcflx option (0,1, and 2) in the physics namelist would call the znot_m_v8 (uref, znotm) subroutine to calculate the aerodynamical roughness over water using 10m wind in the WRF v4.2.2. As per my understanding, if icoef_sf is equal to 8 then znot_wind10m...
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    How to save the contribution of subgrid mixing by prognostic TKE LES option on vertical velocity change?

    Dear scientists, Hello. I have a question. I want to analyze the budget of vertical velocity. I used LES PBL option (in a "seabreaze2d_x" idealized simulation) with prognostic TKE scheme (not smagorinsky) (I attached my namelist.input file). I thought the acceleration due to advection and the...
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    gwd_opt not working in WRFV4.3.2

    Hello everyone! When I run wrf.exe (Version 4.3.2) with gwd_opt equals to 3 in namelist.input, all the relevant diagnostic variables are zero, and the wind fields of all three domains (25km, 5km, and 1km)are exactly the same with gwd_opt equals to 0. According to the users' guide, gwd_opt...
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    How to Prescribe HFX, QFX, and LH in an idealized WRF simulation

    Dear WRF Community, I am trying to run a simulation to study the urban heat island problem. To do this, my plan is to run an idealized WRF simulation prescribing heating over a flat surface or a mountain. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. With Kind Regards Shak
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    PV parameterization in BEM

    Good day, colleagues. Please I would like to have answers to the following questions: i. In the PV parameterization inside BEM, is there a space between the roof and the PV OR it is assumed that the PV is directly on the roof? ii. Would setting PV_FRAC to 100% of the roof turn off roof...
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    Question about isfflx and icloud

    Hi WRF folks, I've noticed that the surface temperatures in WRF simulations I'm running for 8 June 2019 are unreasonably cold after ~22 UTC (in some places in the open warm sector away from storms they're ~10-20 F too cold by the end of a several-hour simulation). Furthermore, temperatures are...
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    How to get hourly snowfall?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get the hourly snowfall (in terms of equivalent water, mm) from WRF model. However, I'm confused about SNOWNC and ACSNOW. I found the following information in the Registry.EM_COMMON SNOWNC - "ACCUMULATED TOTAL GRID SCALE SNOW AND ICE" "mm" ACSNOW - "ACCUMULATED...
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    p_top_request and input data

    Hello WRF Community, I was wondering if someone could explain the relationship between p_top_request and the ERA5 input data height? I am working on a project that needs to resolve up to the stratosphere and possibly mesosphere and I'm not sure if my p_top_request value needs to change...
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    Non accumulative Precipitation

    Hi all, I am interested in the RAINC and RAINCC file output, both daily and hourly data. I have ran the simulation for 14 days, 2017-11-01_00:00 to 2017-11-15_00 for 2 domains but when I reviewed the last wrfout file of d02, 2017-11-15_00:00, I realized that the output gave me the total...
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    WRF with -DCLWRFGHG not showing GHG input at restart

    I'm running WRF 4.3.3 compiled with -DCLWRFGHG in configure.wrf (a long run that can not easily updated to the latest WRF version) and found that although the GHG input from file CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio is printed in rsl.error.0000 and rsl.out.0000 at the first start, it doesn't appear after...
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    water budget calculation in WRF model

    Hi! I am confused about how to calculate the water budget in WRF model. I wonder whether it should be calculated as follows, WT = (RAINC+RAINNC)-(ECAN+ETRAN+EDIR)-(RUNSF+RUNSB) Additionally, I found that there exits two variables denoting runoff as follows. I wonder what are the differences...
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    Trouble running WRF with BEM

    When attempting to run WRF using BEM (sf_urban_physics = 3) I get the following error (specifically from only rsl.out.0068, am running on 128 cores): d01 2018-05-01_00:00:00 Input data is acceptable to use: d01 2018-05-01_00:00:00 Input data processed for aux input 4 for domain 1 d01...
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    Running error with WRFV4.3 & WUDAPT LCZ

    Hi, all. I am running WRFV4.3 with WUDAPT LCZ land use data (41 LU_INDEX). When I ran WRF with sf_urban_physics=2, there was a bad termination message. Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this error: #0 0x2B9C9A8046D7 #1...
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    CM_AC_URB3D variable not found in wrfout

    Hi! I have run a real case with BEP/BEM model (sf_urban_physics=3). however, I cannot find the urban state variable like CM_AC_URB3D in the wrfout files. Only 2-4 variables including EP_PV_URB3D and DRAINGR_URB3D are included. What should I do to include those variables in the wrfout? Thanks...
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    Mass flux rate parameters in the KF-scheme module in WRF

    Dear WRF-experts, I am looking for the following variables in the KF-scheme physics module in WRF: Coefficient related to downdraft mass flux rate (Pd) Coefficient related to entrainment mass flux rate (Pe) Unfortunately, I can't find these variables Pd and Pe in the module...
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    wrf.exe error:forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurrederror

    Hi, dear administer. My WRF version is 4.4.1. My outermost domain is east China and running time is three months. Amounts of processors for running is 48 (I think it may be enough). At first, I follow the rule to set time_step=54 (6 x dx ,my dx is 9000). However, CFL error happened after 1 hour...
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    Using climatological aerosol in mp_physics=28 in WRF V4.4

    I've used mp_physics=28 in previous versions of WRF with no problem, but now I'm getting errors from real with V4.4. Namelist.input contains: wif_input_opt = 1, num_wif_levels = 30, mp_physics = 28, 28, 28, use_aero_icbc...
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    Should we use Noah when we do not use urban canopy model?

    Hi everyone, In my recent task, 2 sets of WRF experiments are designed. One is set with sf_urban_physics=1 and sf_surface_physics=2 to run with UCM coupling with Noah, and the other one having all urban land replaced with cropland with sf_urban_physics=0 (UCM closed), aiming at comparing 2 sets...
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    Default parameters for additional urban classes used in UCMs

    Hello! We are doing some work with the WRF urban canopy models and are currently post-processing the simulation files for analysis. Our simulations make use of the default modis_landuse_30s_with_lakes land cover as well as an updated and reclassified land cover for 2018 that includes the low...
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    Doubt Related to Isfflx

    Dear Sir, At the time of using the Isfflx option Zero (0) or Two (2), Is it a thumb rule to put the PBL option as Zero? If we use other PBL options (instead of zero), Is it any problem? Thanks and Regards, Srinivas