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Cloud effective radius in morrisson 2 moment scheme


New member
Hi all,
Can anyone please help me to get cloud effective radius in wrfout for Morrisson 2 moment scheme ( mp_physics=10)

Thanks in advance
Cloud effective radius air not calculated in Morrison 2 Moments Scheme. If you definitely need it in this scheme, you will need to modify the code to calculate it.
As an alternative, if you can run with the Morrison 2 Moments with consideration of CESM-NCSU RCP4.5 climatological aerosol (mp_physics=40), then the cloud effective radius is available in this scheme.
Hope this is helpful for you.
Thank you so much. It helps me. But as you told I need mp_physics 10 specifically. It would be great help if you could share some documents how to change the code if it's available. Or please explain the steps if possible

Thank you