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Modifying Seaice roughness length


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Hi! I'm planning a sensitivity test. I've already made a control simulation, now I need to make a simulation with modified roughness length. I understand that usually the roughness length for seaice is set a constant, and it is straight forward to modify it into a new constant value. However, in my case, I need the model to estimate roughness value (over seaice points) as a varying parameter, the same way as it is estimated over open ocean.
Can someone tell me which source code file (WRF/phys) should be modified? is there any particular suggestions?
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For your case, I am thinking that you can add a function or subroutine to calculate roughness length over seaice. During the model integration, this subroutine can be called to obtain the roughness length.
One good example you can follow is the calculation of roughness length over shallow water. Please take a look at the code phys/module_sf_sfclayrev.F, where you can find the function "depth_dependent_z0".
Hope this is helpful for you.