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  1. C

    Outputs of temperature and water content of soil layers using NOAH-MP LSM

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to validate outputs from temperature and water content of soil layers of WRF, using NOAH-MP as land surface model. But I am not sure what these variables represent. NOAH-MP discretizes the soil into 4 layers, so does the temperature and water content of each layer...
  2. N

    TR_URB in WRF version 4.5.2 is strange

    We use WRF version 4.5.2 for urban climate studies. Registory.EM_COMMON has been modified to output variables related to urban areas. Some skin temperature results, such as TR_URB2D (urban roof skin temperature), TB_URB2D (urban wall skin temperature), and TG_URB2D (urban road skin...
  3. T

    FATAL: Energy budget problem in NOAHMP LSM

    Dear Community, I have ran a same simulation successfully. When I modified the land cover data slightly (mainly Urban parameters for urban canopy model) and rerun the same simulation, it crashed after almost one month of simulation and shows as follows: ERRENG = 1.368042 at i,j...
  4. C

    how to integrate soil moisture layers in Noah-MP module

    Dear all, I am confused about how to calculate the total soil moisture when considering multiple layers. The stimulated soil moisture has four layers (i.e., 0-10cm; 10-40cm; 40-100cm; 100-200cm) in Noah-MP module. But if we want to get the soil moisture in the layer 0-40cm and 40-200cm, can we...
  5. N

    Daytime temperatures in Clay in Soil texture

    I am currently studying the heat island of Bangkok, Thailand as part of a Southeast Asian urban climate research. This study uses WRF versions 4.2.2 and 4.3.3. Also, Noah LSM and Single layer UCM are used. I have run simulations on many cases, but the simulations do not reproduce the daytime...
  6. fpuhales

    Re-run real.exe after changing namelist file

    Hi I'm doing some tests with noah-mp options on the namelist file: &noah_mp . .. ... / Should I run real.exe for each modification on the namelits's noah_mp parameters? For example, to modify &noah_mp ... dveg = 4 ... \ for &noah_mp ... dveg = 9 ... \ I'm not sure, but running...
  7. george_victor

    Modifying Seaice roughness length

    Hi! I'm planning a sensitivity test. I've already made a control simulation, now I need to make a simulation with modified roughness length. I understand that usually the roughness length for seaice is set a constant, and it is straight forward to modify it into a new constant value. However, in...
  8. Z

    How to add a new snow albedo schems in WRF/Noah-MP and add a new input varaibles in wrfinput ?

    Hi all, I am trying to fully coupled SNICAR snow albedo shemes in WRF/Noah-MP(online). The SNICAR has been Coupled in WRF/CLM already and I am planning to ake out the SNICAR fortran subroutine from CLM model code and create a new physics option in Noah-MP. Now I have the problem that the SNICAR...
  9. A

    How to Implement Irrigation in WRF model?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a research to study how irrigation can influence some climate parameters in Egypt. I've already conducted a control, basic run using WRF v4.1.3. Now, I would like to introduce irrigation into the model. What my mentor is saying we could modify the Noah...
  10. S

    Global Irrigation maps in Noah-MP?

    Greetings, I am trying to use the Noah-MP irrigation routines which require information generated in geogrid. This works fine for U.S.-specific domains. However, I have a grid that extends from upstream of Hawaii and downstream through Western Africa. Hence, geogrid crashes presumably because...
  11. U

    ICE Thickness/Accumulation - CANICE variable in the WRF

    Hi, I was actually facing difficulty in figuring out whether the CANICE(mm) output in WRF is incremental or cumulative(total ice accumulated from start till that particular time instant)? The reason why I am asking is because I ran a simulations for an ice storms and then after observing the...
  12. W

    Cold bias due to fresh snow?

    I am running 24hr forecasts initialized from GFS with NoahMP. Over areas of snow there is a very strong cold bias. I suspect this is because when the model is started it considers this snow to be new snow, even though it has been there for many months. Is that possible? Is there a way to fix or...