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Wrong TAOD5502D after using climatological aerosol in mp_physics=28 in WRF V4.4


New member
Hi all,
I am trying to run the aerosol-aware version with mp_physics = 28 option under WRF V4.4. Following all the instructions, the metgrid.exe ran well after adding the following line:
constants_name = 'QNWFA_QNIFA_QNBCA_SIGMA_MONTHLY.dat'

The B_WIF_*、 I_WIF_* 、 W_WIF_* have been added in the met* files successfully.

Then I have modified the name.list as following

io_form_auxinput17 = 2,
auxinput17_interval_m = 360,
auxinput17_inname = wrfqnainp_d<domain>,

mp_physics = 28
use_aero_icbc = .true.
aer_opt = 3
qna_update = 1

wif_input_opt = 2,
num_wif_levels = 30,

Then the real.exe and wrf.exe run well with no error warnings.
However, the TAOD5502D in wrfout files seems to be strange. It remains the same values (0.04399998) with no spatial change at all the time.
Does anyone know what went wrong?
Thank a lot.