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    Many output variables are missing in wrfinput and wrfbdy

    Dear everyone, I met a problem: I am running WRF-chem V3.9, and when I finished running the first real.exe, I found that the generated wrfinput and wrfbdy files are missing a lot of variables, and the aerosol variables that I am concerned about are not there at all (as in Figure 1 in the...
  2. W

    WRF-Chem stop when aerosol radiation feedback is open (aer_ra_feedback=1)

    Dear all, I have been stacked on this problem for half a year, I am gateful that if someone could help me solve this problem. My situation is that the WRF-Chem V3.9.1.1 is always stopped after photolysis driver (rsl.error.000?) and it also happens in latest version (WRF-Chem V4.5.1). The stop...
  3. W

    Modify aerosol over part of the domain

    Hi everyone, I am trying to increase water friendly aerosol number concentration over the Great Barrier Reef to test the sensitivity of clouds to aerosol loading. The Thompson Aerosol Aware microphysical scheme is applied, and auxiliary aerosol climatology is used...
  4. A

    Query regarding the calculation of Aerosol-Cloud Interaction using WRF-Chem

    Dear all, I have a small query regarding the computation of the perturbation in atmospheric variables due to aerosol-cloud interaction (ACI) using the WRF-Chem model. In the case of aerosol-radiation interaction (ARI), the perturbation in atmospheric parameters can be computed by taking the...
  5. J

    Wrong TAOD5502D after using climatological aerosol in mp_physics=28 in WRF V4.4

    Hi all, I am trying to run the aerosol-aware version with mp_physics = 28 option under WRF V4.4. Following all the instructions, the metgrid.exe ran well after adding the following line: &metgrid constants_name = 'QNWFA_QNIFA_QNBCA_SIGMA_MONTHLY.dat' The B_WIF_*、 I_WIF_* 、 W_WIF_* have been...
  6. Q

    Using climatological aerosol in mp_physics=28 in WRF V4.4

    I've used mp_physics=28 in previous versions of WRF with no problem, but now I'm getting errors from real with V4.4. Namelist.input contains: wif_input_opt = 1, num_wif_levels = 30, mp_physics = 28, 28, 28, use_aero_icbc...
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    Are there prescribed aerosols in WRF model?

    Hi, I am curious if there are prescribed aerosols value in WRF model (not WRF-Chem or WRF-ACI). If yes, where I could find those species and values I am thankful for any idea about this. Thanks. Lily