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WRF-Chem stop when aerosol radiation feedback is open (aer_ra_feedback=1)

Weihang Feng

New member
Dear all,

I have been stacked on this problem for half a year, I am gateful that if someone could help me solve this problem.

My situation is that the WRF-Chem V3.9.1.1 is always stopped after photolysis driver (rsl.error.000?) and it also happens in latest version (WRF-Chem V4.5.1).
The stop only happens when I set aer_ra_feedback=1. If I set aer_ra_feedback =0, it has been not happened.

The current time step for domain 1 (27 km) is 60 seconds and domain 2 (9 km) 20 seconds. If you set a larger time step or compile WRF with FLAGS=fp-model fast-2, it will stop more eariler. The time step step setting for other parameter could be seen in attached file (namelist.input). I think all the time step I set is small enough.

The attached files is the log file (rsl.error.000?) and namelist (namelist.input). And I have already open debug mode when compiling.
And it is worth noting that the error information in rsl.error.0006 is different from other log files. (rsl.error.0006: errors in module_sf_sfclayrev.f90[Attached file])

Here is the function where error happens
[Line 1197 in module_sf_sfclayrev.f90].
1191 function psim_stable(zolf)
1192 integer :: nzol
1193 real :: rzol
1194 nzol = int(zolf*100.)
1195 rzol = zolf*100. - nzol
1196 if(nzol+1 .le. 1000)then
1197 psim_stable = psim_stab(nzol) + rzol*(psim_stab(nzol+1)-psim_stab(nzol))
1198 else
1199 psim_stable = psim_stable_full(zolf)
1200 endif
1201 return
1202 end function

Best wishes,



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