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  1. xpji

    How to set a constant radiational cooling at all vertical model levels?

    Hi, all How do I set up a constant radiative cooling when I want to run a WRF experiment? This experiment is not the ideal case that comes with WRF, but the initial field data made by myself. Should I adjust the parameters in the WRF mode and then recompile? Or modify it directly in the...
  2. S

    How does WRF calculate SWDOWN?

    I am calculating downward short wave flux using WRF. I found a variable called SWDOWN among the output variables, and I am curious whether this variable is instantaneous or averaged according to history_interval. I would like to know whether the value of SWDOWN is the instantaneous value of...
  3. W

    WRF-Chem stop when aerosol radiation feedback is open (aer_ra_feedback=1)

    Dear all, I have been stacked on this problem for half a year, I am gateful that if someone could help me solve this problem. My situation is that the WRF-Chem V3.9.1.1 is always stopped after photolysis driver (rsl.error.000?) and it also happens in latest version (WRF-Chem V4.5.1). The stop...
  4. A

    Are the SW Accumulated and Instantaneous Fluxes variables not printed in the WRF-Chem output file while considering Goddard SW Radiation Scheme?

    Dear all, I used the Goddard scheme for SW Radiation and the RRTMG scheme for LW Radiation while running WRF-Chem using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry options. I want to calculate the net SW radiative flux in the atmosphere using this formula:ΔFatm = ΔFTOA - ΔFsurf However, I noticed that only the...
  5. xpji

    how to set solar radiation to a constant value(such as 800W) in WRF model

    I want to set the solar radiation from convective cloud tops to a fixed value (such as 800w). But I didn't know how to set parameters. whether can I set the constant value through modifying the namelist.input. thank you!
  6. R

    how to only turn off BC radiative feedback?

    I want to study the effect of black carbon aerosol radiation feedback on O3, so I want to design an experiment to only turn off its radiation feedback. It seems that this cannot be done just by modifying namelist. What should I do?