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Are the SW Accumulated and Instantaneous Fluxes variables not printed in the WRF-Chem output file while considering Goddard SW Radiation Scheme?


Dear all,
I used the Goddard scheme for SW Radiation and the RRTMG scheme for LW Radiation while running WRF-Chem using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry options.
I want to calculate the net SW radiative flux in the atmosphere using this formula:ΔFatm = ΔFTOA - ΔFsurf
However, I noticed that only the following variables related to SW Flux are printed in my WRF-Chem output file:
SWDOWN: Downward SW Flux at ground surface;
GSW: Net SW flux at ground surface;
GLW: Downward LW flux at ground surface
All the other variables are only related to LW fluxes (Accumulated and Instantaneous Fluxes).
Initially, I tried MOZART-MOSAIC options with RRTMG for both SW and LW radiation, and there I noticed SW Accumulated and Instantaneous fluxes are also printed along with LW fluxes in the WRF-Chem output file. But the simulations using MOZART-MOSAIC options were successful only when aerchem_onoff=0, so I switched to a modal scheme like RADM2-MADE/SORGAM. Now, simulations are running successfully, but the SW Accumulated and Instantaneous Fluxes are not printed in the output.
So, are SW Accumulated and Instantaneous fluxes not calculated while considering Goddard as the SW Radiation scheme? And, if so, is there any other way to get the SW Fluxes so that I can compute the net SW flux in the atmosphere? Can anyone please guide me on this? That will be very helpful for me. Thank you for your time and consideration.
With regards,