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running wrf-chem

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    WRF-Chem and InfiniBand (or lack thereof)

    Howdy Folks: I have a quick question. Our cluster administrators decided to replace their InfiniBand switch with straight ethernet a few weeks ago. I tried to launch a few WRF-Chem jobs to the cluster. A very small amount went through without issues, but most of them came down with the...
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    I can't use multithreading to run wrf-chem, but single thread is ok.

    Hello, everyone! I encountered problems when running wrf.exe in WRF-4.4.1. I used anthro_emis to process edgar data and mozbc to optimize chemical boundary. I successfully ran wrf.exe with a single thread, but it can't work with more than two threads. Attached are the namelist.input and...
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    Facing Rosenbrock solver step size too small issue when running WRF.exe

    Hi, everyone. I am new to WRF-Chem. I am following a tutorial video from youtube and try to run wrfchem with emission data. But I cannot get the result when I am running wrf.exe The attachments are my namelist.input and namelist.wps. I am using ubuntu22.02 in WSL. I have tried to use other...
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    WRF-Chem 3.7.1 vs 4.4

    I am new to running WRF-Chem. I want to know how different WRF-Chem v3.7.1 and v 4.4 are. Are there any references about it?
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    Failed run WRF-Chem with LCZ and urban canopy scheme.

    Hi all, I tried to run WRF-Chem with LCZ and urban canopy scheme, but it failed. The attachments are namelist.input, namelist.wps, and rsl.error.* files. Please note that: 1. I tried to run WRF-Chem with default land use and it was successful. 2. I tried to run WRF-Chem with LCZ land use...
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    Errors related to points exceeded cfl=2 and gasodesolver_lsodes failure in running WRF-Chem using CBMZ-MOSAIC chemical mechanisms

    Dear all, I am performing WRF-Chem v3.9.1 simulations using the CBMZ-MOSAIC chemistry option (chem_opt=32). My parent domain simulation was completed successfully. But, after using ndown to generate boundary conditions for the nested domain files, I gave a run for the nested domain, and the...
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    Query on the mapping of aerosol species in mozbc input file for RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemical mechanism while using CAM-Chem output for chemical IC/BC

    Dear everyone, I ran WRF-Chem successfully with the RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry option (chem_opt=11) using MOZART4 data to include chemical IC/BC in the wrfbdy and wrfinput files. But the MOZART4 data is not available after January 21, 2018. So, to simulate the recent periods, I have to use the...
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    WRF-CHEM: STOP in Noah-MP read_mp_veg_parameters

    WHEN I RAN WRF-CHEM, SOMETHING ERROR HAS BEEN SHOWN LIKE THIS: D01: Ratio Including Maximum Map Factor = 2.265266 (s/km) D01: NML defined reasonable_time_step_ratio = 6.000000 Climate GHG input from file from year 1765 to 2499 CO2 range = 277.913000000000...
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    wrf-chem tutorial exercise 1:after running real.exe,when l used nvciew viewing wrfinput_d01,the value of dust_1 is all 0.

    i wonder why this happens ?how can i solve this problems? namelist.input is below. thank you very much!
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    Are the SW Accumulated and Instantaneous Fluxes variables not printed in the WRF-Chem output file while considering Goddard SW Radiation Scheme?

    Dear all, I used the Goddard scheme for SW Radiation and the RRTMG scheme for LW Radiation while running WRF-Chem using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry options. I want to calculate the net SW radiative flux in the atmosphere using this formula:ΔFatm = ΔFTOA - ΔFsurf However, I noticed that only the...
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    Query on the unit conversion formula of the aerosol species output of WRF-Chem simulation

    Dear everyone, I have some doubts about the unit conversion of aerosol species. I ran WRF-Chem using the RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemical mechanism. I viewed the output using the MATLAB command ncdisp. Some portions of the displayed lines are as follows: eci Size: 405x415x34x217...
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    Error in running WRF-Chem using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM after making boundary conditions for nested domain using ndown

    Hello everyone, I gave a WRF-Chem run of the direct effect using the RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry option. The thing is, the simulation of the parent domain was completed successfully without throwing any errors or warnings. But when I gave a simulation for the nested domain after including...
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    Large total optical depth warnings in running WRF-Chem while using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM chemistry option (chem_opt=11)

    Dear all, I am running WRF-Chem (version using RADM2-MADE/SORGAM, including aqueous reactions (chem_opt=11). I have successfully prepared anthropogenic emission input data from the EDGAR v5 MOZART dataset using anthro_emis, biogenic emission input data from the MEGAN dataset using...
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    absence of initial variable conditions in the wrfbdy_d0* file

    Dear all, I add many variables in the Registry(about 1661 variales). And when I add the initial and boundary conditions(./mozbc) to generate the wrfbdy file, the some of the initial values of the variables (after about 386th variable) do not appear in wrfbdy file and thus when I run...
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    Segmentation fault with MOZCART and Finn

    Hello all, I am using FINNv2.5 for a biomass burning simulation with WRF-Chem v 4.4.1 using MOZCART. I have attached my namelist and rsl file. However, I am running into a segmentation fault that I do not understand how to fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is part of the error...
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    Which way is the more computationally efficient for running wf.exe with one way nesting: (a) by setting feedback to '0' or (b) using ndown.exe?

    Hello everyone, I want to run wrf.exe (WRF-Chem) with one-way nesting because of the limitations of my system (a linux server with 378 GB of RAM and 32 processors). I have gone through the WRF user guide, which explained how to do one-way nesting using 'ndown.exe'. Also, I found the following...
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    Error in running WRF-Chem (for version 3.9.1.) while using chem_opt=202 though WRF-Chem is running successfully for chem_opt=112 and 201

    Hello everyone , I am giving a test run with two domains (d01:20 km and d02:4 km) with one-way nesting by setting 'feedback' option to '0' for just 2 days. The WRF-Chem ran successfully when I used the MOZCART option (chem_opt=112) and MOSART-MOSAIC (chem_opt=201). But, some specific errors only...
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    Error running WRF-Chem

    Hello Been trying to resolve this error issue by looking for answers somewhere else in the internet, but to no avail. I am running WRF-Chem with anthropogenic emissions from EDGAR-HTAP and bio emissions from MEGAN, all the tools necessary before running WRF-CHEM, such as anthro_emis...
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    Query on the 'namelist.input' file for running WRF-Chem to study aerosol-cloud-climate interaction

    Dear all, I have some small queries about the setup of some variables in 'namelist.input' file for running WRF-Chem to study aerosol-cloud-climate interaction. 1. After going through various research papers on aerosol-cloud interaction studies using the WRF-Chem model, the user guides, and...
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    Error in running WRF-Chem Version using MOZART-MOSAIC option (chem_opt=202)

    Dear all, I am running WRF-Chem Version on a Linux server with 32 processors (RAM: 378 GB) and the gfortran compiler. I used the EDGARV5 MOZART dataset for generating anthropogenic emission input files ('wrfchemi_d<domain>_<date>.nc'), FINN Version 1.5 dataset for generating fire...