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Errors related to points exceeded cfl=2 and gasodesolver_lsodes failure in running WRF-Chem using CBMZ-MOSAIC chemical mechanisms


Dear all,
I am performing WRF-Chem v3.9.1 simulations using the CBMZ-MOSAIC chemistry option (chem_opt=32). My parent domain simulation was completed successfully. But, after using ndown to generate boundary conditions for the nested domain files, I gave a run for the nested domain, and the simulation was stopped after throwing some errors in the rsl.error.0022 and rsl.out.0022 files. The errors are related to 'points exceeded cfl=2' and 'gasodesolver_lsodes failure' (the rsl.error.0022 file is attached for your convenience). I want to mention that the horizontal resolution of my domains is 15 km and 3 km (i.e., 1:5 parent_grid_ratio), so I set time_step 4*dx, i.e., time_step=60 for the parent domain and ndown run, and time_step=12 for the nested domain run. As the cfl errors are coming, I thought reducing the time step could solve the problem and gave it some test runs. The results of the test runs using varying time_steps are as follows:
Test1: time_step = 12 (4*dx)
"BAD TERMINATION OF ONE OF YOUR APPLICATION PROCESSES" came in the wrfrun.log and simulation stopped after throwing some errors related to points exceeded cfl=2 and gasodesolver_lsodes failure
Test2-4: time-steps of 18 seconds (6*dx), 15 seconds (5*dx), 9 seconds (3*dx)
Simulation was stopped but no BAD TERMINATION error came. However, the errors related to points exceeded cfl=2 and gasodesolver_lsodes failure came. All the rsl.error.0022 files and namelist.input files are attached for your convenience. I found an old thread gasodesolver_lsodes failure no related to similar errors using CBMZ-MOSAIC. So, my question is that is it related CBMZ-MOSAIC? or is it related time_step or other namelist settings? Can anyone please help me in this regrad to solve this issue? That will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.
With regards,


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