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Is it possible to set green roofs for specific areas in the WRF-urban?

Shaoqi Yang

New member
Dear WRF team,

I am using WRF to simulate the cooling effect of green roofs in the city, but I found that I can only set the same green roof coverage for a certain category of LCZ separately in URBPARM_LCZ.TBL. This does not meet my needs because the green roof coverage may also be different for different grids of a particular LCZ.

I have the distribution of green roofs in the city, is there a way to enter it as grid data into WRF-urban?

Looking forward to a response, and thanks again for your work!

Yours sincerely,
One possible approach to incorporate your data into WRF is to create a static dataset and read the data by geogrid. The data can then be processed by metgrid and real. You will also need to modify LCZ codes to avoid using the data from URBPARM_LCZ.TBL.
I suppose this could be complicated process and involves lots of code work.