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Error when using LCZ in WRFV4.5


New member
Hi all,

Im trying to use the WUDAPT LCZ to upgrade the urban landuse in WRFV4.5. According to the recent update log, the lu_index from 31-41 is changed to 51-61. So I used w2w to generate the LCZ geo files and then modified the lLU_INDEX in the geo_em.d0*.

The metgrid.exe and real.exe is running successfully. But when I use wrf.exe, error happens:
d03 2019-01-01_18:00:00 CAM-CLWRF interpolated values______ year: 2019 julian day: 0.7500000
d03 2019-01-01_18:00:00 CAM-CLWRF co2vmr: 4.102126989985732E-004 n2ovmr: 3.309595406488965E-007 ch4vmr: 1.893844446585881E-006

I would like to ask whether I need to revise other parameters or I need to change my configurations?

Thanks in advance.