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WRF LES for methane simulation

marzhar anuar

New member
Hi. I am a PhD Student doing research on methane plumes detection using satellite imagery. I want to run a methane simulation on WRF LES. Can anyone help me on this? A step by step guide or a tutorial link would be very helpful.

Thank You
WRF provides simulation of passive tracers by turning on the tracer option (tracer_opt =1). However, this capability only works for em_real case. We don't have a similar option for WRF-LES. You will need to modify the codes to realize LES simulation of methane. Just in case it might be helpful, please take a look at the document here, which describes in detail how tracers work in WRF real-data case. I suppose this could give you some idea how passive tracers work in WRF.
You may also seek information from WRF-chem people.