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About rdlai2d option in WRF-CHEM3.5.1

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Hello! Thank you very much for reading my post.
I am using WRF-chem3.5.1, I have made a LAI binary file, and already have external LAI data in the met_em_d01 file. Is the rdlai2d function in namelist.input unavailable in WRF-chem 3.5.1? The WRF manual says that this rdlai2d option is available from WRFV3.6. But I use WRF-Chem3.5.1, is there a way to read external LAI data in WRF-chem3.5.1? I look forward to your reply!
In this case, you will have to modify the codes of WRF-CHEMV3.5.1. You may refer to those relevant codes in WRFV3.6 and learn how to do it.
Thanks for your reply!Is the code related to reading the external LAI in module_sf_noahlsm.F 、module_sf.noahdrv.F, and module_initial_real.F? I am not very familiar with the WRF code, I look forward to your reply and appreciate your help!
If you run with Noah, you need to modify the following codes:

The changes involved with this option is not that complicated, but you do need to understand Fortran.
Thanks for your help! I now use another method to read the external LAI with the higher version of WRF-chem 3.6.1, running real.exe and get the updated LAI variable, then copy LAI variable to the wrfinput in wrf3.5.1 . When running WRF-chem 3.5.1, set rdlai2d = .true in namelist.input.
This can also successfully run and read the external LAI 12 months data.
Thank you very much,best wishes for you!
Thank you for the update of this issue. I guess this will be helpful for others who may want to do the same. We appreciate your input !