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About sst settings! I'm in a great hurry!!


New member
I have two questions about setting up sst.

1)Is it possible to set SST values without considering time variation and spatial distribution?
ex) set SST=300K

2)Is it possible to change the temperature of the obtained SST data?
ex) set sst to sst data +10K

If the above two things are possible, please let me know how to operate.
SST is time-invariant if you turn off sst_update. However, the original SST field from WPS is always spatially varying. To make it a fix value everywhere, you will need to modify wrfinput.

Several utilities can be used to modify SST in wrfinput:

(1) You can use the utility provided in WRF website to change SST. Please see details here:

(2) You can use NCL to change SST. A good example is provided here:

Or you can use whatever tools you are familiar with to change SST.